TCMS Library Update

September 2013

Monroe County Library Card

I have library card applications for the public library - ask for them if you'd like a few. The public library is less than a mile from school. Their print and digital collection extends the resources we have at TCMS, making it a valuable resource.

Makerspace movement

The makerspace movement is thriving as a place for hands-on, creative do-it-yourself projects which many times incorporate technology. Think of it as a movement to support the type of tinkering that used to happen regularly in garages across the country...but add in a technology flair. It's a chance to make, create and do, and for some learners, hands-on is how they learn best.

What do we have at the library that supports this initiative? MAKE magazine is a do-it-yourself (DIY) magazine that's very popular with our tech enthusiasts. Two cool websites with projects are and And for those of you looking for a local makerspace, check out Rochester's makerspace at

Teachers' Domain moving to PBS Learning Media

Teachers' Domain, an online collection of free media resources from public television, is moving to PBS Learning Media (PBSLM) on October 15, 2013. This resource includes quality programming such as NOVA, American Experience, Nature, and many other public television programs. You can access your account at PBSLM with your existing Teachers' Domain login, or sign up for a new account.

Websites of Interest

Practice Citizen Science with NOVA Labs

Looking to get involved in "citizen science"? Try NOVA Labs - there are education resources and information on how to get involved in the Energy Lab, Sun Lab, and Cloud Lab.

Math Glossary

If your students are struggling to define math vocabulary, maybe the McGraw Hill Math Glossary site would be useful. The site gives you the ability to search by grade level but also by term.

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Audiobooks grant from Brighton Education Fund

Brighton Education Fund is a wonderful resource, providing grant funding for projects that support student learning. We have received a grant for the purchase of AUDIOBOOKS. The collection will include the core novels you passed along in the spring/summer and award-winning audio titles. If you have a great audiobook you'd like me to consider for the collection, please pass along the title! Some of my favorites are: Dead End in Norvelt (thanks for the recommendation Danielle Edmunds), Dragon Rider (thanks Danielle Hippert), The Mysterious Howling, and A Long Way From Chicago. When I hear my son quoting the book around the house, I know it's a good one!

TCMS Library Staff

Katie Lambert, Library Media Specialist

Kelly Brown, Library Teaching Assistant