health careers

Psychiatrist Aide/Tech

-Salary: $27,440 per year, $13.19 per hour -Education & training: associate degree/postsecondary degree short period of on-the-job training before they can work without direct supervision -Daily duties: tech- observe patients behavior, listen to their concern, and record their condition, they help admitting and discharging patient, and restrain patients who may become physically violent, aide- serve meals and help patients eat-Personal qualities: self-control, know how to control violent people, no anger issues


-Salary $53, 610 per year, $25.77 per hour -Education: Master's degree -Daily duties: refer students and patients to resources outside the school for addiction support and they work with students to achieve career and academic goals -Personal qualities: nice, caring, and loving


-Salary: $187, 200, $90 per hour -Education: Doctoral or professional degree -Duties/tasks: takes a patients medical history, review test results to identify any abnormal findings, and recommend and design a plan of treatment -Responsibilities/roles: physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders of the mind
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Art/Music/Dance Therapist

-Salary: $42,280 per year, $20.33 per hour -Education: Bachelor's degree -Daily duties and tasks: plan, direct, and coordinate recreation-based treatment programs for people with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses