Preparing Toddlers for School

What to do to prepare your 2-5 year old for school

Preparing your child for academics

Read to your child and limit the amount of television

+expose your child to books at an early age by reading to your child every night.

+teach them rhyming games and the alphabet

+ allow children to experience exploratory play

+ provide sensory motor toys

Helping your child develop emotionally and socially

Developing social skills

+ interact with your child in a positive way so they can develop positive relationships with others

+ allow your child to play social games and activities to develop social skills

+ teach your child how to behave with other children

Providing proper nutrition

Nutrition and brain development

+ limit fast food and soft drinks

+ provide water for hydration and proper brain development

+ include leafy green vegetables, lean meats, fish, and fresh fruits provides the proper vitamins and minerals important for brain development

+ a good diet can provide can have a lasting effect throughout your child's life