The Mix Between Latin Hip Hop and Jamaican dancehall

During it's rise int the early 90's Reggaeton was favored by Puerto Rican youth, but just as American Rap has now reached people of all backgrounds so has Reggaeton.

History of Reggaeton

Spanish Hip Hop started to become popular in the projects of Puerto Rico in the early 80's, but when the Jamaican music craze swept North America, they combined to make Reggaeton. In 2004, when Daddy Yankee released, Reggaeton began to reach the top of popular music charts in the US and was now in the light of popular culture.
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Characteristics of Reggaeton.

Reggaeton has it's own individual rhythm called "Dem Bow." The rhythm consists mainly of a snare drum based beat. The lyrics are consistant with those of Hip Hop music. Reggaeton's most widely known artist is by and far Daddy Yankee whose "Gasolina" top American charts as well as Spanish.
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The typical dance related to Reggaeton music is a productive dance and an interpretation on "grinding."

The Music Today

Reggaeton's popularity is continuously increasing every year. It has spread quickly through North America and is reaching South America quite well. Reggaeton's prescence in Europe is starting through the Spanish musical culture of Spain.


Bailando Enrique Iglesias .Gente de Zona (merengue reggaeton remix) djchorlo by djchorlo