Tornadoes are fascinating yet disastrous weather

August 28, 1990 started out like many other summer days. Kids were outside playing and parents were greatly anticipating the upcoming first day of school. Little did they know that Chicago's fist EF5 tornado would barrel down on their small down of Plainfield, Illinois.

Time for a Twister

Earth is a host to many different natural disasters. From earthquakes, to hurricanes, and tsunamis. Tornadoes are one of Earth's most violent natural disasters.

When two weather fronts meet the atmosphere becomes unstable. Usually this happens when a warm front meets a cold front. When this happens, a thunderstorm is born. Most thunderstorms are harmless events. However, when a thunderstorm starts to rotate into a supercell a funnel cloud may appear. Touching the ground, a funnel cloud is now called a tornado.

Duck and Cover