Christmastide December

The joyful season

************Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry CHRISTMAS************

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas


A Happy New Year.

It's the year time around again where we share this festive season with our loved ones, family and friends.

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****A SPECIAL & SEASONAL Gift for You To Sum Up 2014****

The 1st, one and only Christmas Edition video specially created for you featuring some of our EBs. Unfortunately due to some timing, resolution and technical issues, we are unable to get or feature Van, Jech and Khai Wei. *more to come in the future!*

The purpose of this video is to get a few words from our EBs as the year ends and every super notties have already been working very hard together as a team for one semester.

So, the EBs are here to do a quick sum up, show their appreciations and even share their feelings!!

Thanks to all the EBs for sparing your time to make this video a success. Not to forget, the person behind the success of this video, Chen Xi as the director, editor and even the interviewer for this video. A big thug on your shoulder for the job well done.

UNMC Christmas Edition

*****The MAGICAL MOMENTS for the Past Few Weeks*****

Summary :

1. Events Update

a. LCP 15/16 Election &

b. Christmas themed AG!

c. Exchange Fair 2.0

2. Training and Development

a. Goal Setting Workshop by our lovely Seniors in Support
b. TMP (Team Member Programme) Trainings

3. OC application(s)

4. Super Notties Year End Award

5. Christmas e-greetings <3

6. Christmas Gift for MarCommers- We want present!

1. Events Update

a. LCP Elections 15/16

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With the opening of the application package by our Mr.President at the early November, 3 brave young souls took up the challenge by applying for this post. They are:

The silent killer, Ah Chow

The humorous yet cool, Jech Chua

The passionate persistent demure lady, Wendy Liang

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Congrats Ah Chow for being officially selected as the LCP term 15/16. To Wendy and Jech, your bravery and perseverance are something we should applaud on and definitely a learning inspiration to each and everyone of us in the LC.

b. The Christmas Themed AG (AIESEC Gathering) of the year!

c. Exchange Fair 2.0

The past Exchange Fair 2.0 was held on 10th Dec at the SA Circle to showcase internship and volunteering opportunities offered by our oGCP(Outgoing Global Citizen Programme) and oGTP(Outgoing Global Talent Programme).

Special thanks and congratulations to the team involved in making this a success as they achieved 109 sign ups! Kudos to oGCP, oGTP and MarComm for this great synergy!

Not to forget ER who secured this showcasing opportunity in collaboration with Careers Advisory Office.

Last but not least, THANKS to all who came to the booth and supported this fair to deliver more global life-changing experience!

2. Training & Development

a. Goal Setting Workshop by Seniors in Support (SIS)

Dinosaur Evasion.

The Seniors in Support team conducted a Goal Setting Workshop for the members.

They always never fail to back the LC up with their past experiences in AIESEC and lend a helping hand when is needed.

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b. TMP Trainings

TMP #1: MBTI Personality Test by Anna & Kelvin

TMP #2: Time Management & Effective communication and Feedback by Amy, Aaron, Kah Jun & Van

TMP #3: Presentation Skills by Peggy & Wendy

3. OC (Organizing Committee) Applications

a. MyLDS Chief Delegate Application

With MyLDS happening this coming January, the MyLDS Chief Delegate application has also come to a closing.

All the best to the Chief Delegate Team:

Chief Delegate: Feeza Halid
Assistant Chief Delegate: Wei Shyang
Roll Call Master: Adrian Cheah
Square Dance Queen: Aliesha Nadira
Global Village Team:
Jocelyne Chin (Leader)
Chuan Wei
Chen Xi
Chong Mun Kei

Thank you all the juniors for taking the leap of faith in applying this post. For those who were selected in the team, congrats!! For those who were not selected, this is just one of the few opportunities AIESEC has to offer. There are more opportunities to come in the future so please keep up the proactive-ness in you! :)

b. TN Showcasing (The biggest AIESEC exchange fair!)

Congratulations to the newly formed OC team! All the best in making this event a success in March 2015!

OCP: Michelle Beh
Marketing: Amelia Teh
Sales: Aliesha Nadira, Mariani Maswardi
Events: Adrian Cheah, Cheong Kae Khei
Logistic: Cheong Chen Hao
Finance: Maggie Yaw

c. Social Impact League

Social Impact League is the next LC event happening during the next semester, involving a 2 round social business challenge which aims to create a platform for ideas to come together to tackle the various social issues faced today.

Congratulations to the newly formed team!

OCP: Aaron Ng

OCVP ER: FiRø' Hj (Hau Jie)
OC ER: Crystal Lau and Fung Teng Tan
OCVP Marketing: Amelia Teh
OC Marketing: Chen Xi
OCVP Finance: Cin Dy (Cindy)
OC Finance: Shermaine Lim
OC Logistics: Jocelyne Chin and Jessica Rosadi

Stay tuned for more OC opportunities and updates! :)




**Ding Dong Bell, 2014 is soon coming to an end! **

Huh?! December... So fast...

Keep calm

Appreciate time

Create a legacy

Because is never too late

"At the end of the year, let there be no excuses, no explanations and no regrets "- Steve Maraboli

We are approaching the end of year 2014. It means we have only 4 more months left (excluding study breaks/holidays/exams) till the term ends.
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5. Christmas E-greetings

***Unwrapping Christmas Presents***

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oGCP Buzz Lightyears!




You have 2 Greetings:


Dear Wendy,
You are such an inspiration to me as a person and a colleague
Thank you for the constant motivation and encouragement when times are hard for me...
Keep that positive vibes that you always have in you.
Wish you have a blessed X'mas ... Fighting !!! =D


Just want you to know that you are really inspiring in terms of fighting for the things that you are passionate about. :)

Human Being <3

People!!! Wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas!! :D For those who celebrate, hope you are going to have an amazing one. For those not, hope you would enjoy the day! Please call me if you need anyone to accompany you! :D My number is 0183299809, It would be fun to celebrate with my 2nd familly!! :) I am always with you xoxo

Sulim :)

I know that you have the best present ever for your Christmas.

Stay happy dear! :)

EBMT (Executive Board Management Team)

Tks for being my second family :) Love you all :)

Merry Christmas! :)

Sarah Wong :)

Dear Sarah,

You are one of the most wonderful girls I have ever met.

Stay awesome. Merry (early) Christmas :)


You have 2 Greetings:


Thanks for always supporting me.

It's so great to have a friend like you. :).


Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy, busy time will pass before you know it, remember to stay hydrated and get sufficient rest. :)


All I want for Christmas

is you.


Dev, tks for trying your best to involve in AIESEC stuffs despite being caught up with tons of other things. It's hard to balance out everything. Tks for choosing to stay with us eventually and become our great teammate. :)


It's so great to have you as teammate Narda. Tks for overcoming so many difficulties yet remain passion in delivering more memorable experiences for people out there :)


You are an awesome friend, bro! :). Although you look like a shy boy, you are such a determinant person. Keep it up. I'm sure that you can succeed in everything you do :)

Seng Hong

Tks for working tirelessly since starting your AIESEC journey. You are not only a teammate who can motivate us but also a sincere friend that I feel honor to have. :).


My dear, tks for your unlimited support. :) I know that it's stressful period for you now. Rest well and take care of yourself. :). Smile more because your smile is beautiful. :)

Yu Sheng

Seeing that you are so passionate in creating good impacts on children makes me feel so touched. You are truly an inspiration. :). I believe that you can do many incredible things, dear! :)

Mun Chun

You are such an "annoyed" teammate :P but it's such an honor to work with you :). Tks for being a part of my AIESEC journey and making it a memorable time :)

Sok Sian

How troublesome to have you as my teammate *oy~~*. Make me feel worry for you because of your sickness. Pls rest if you don't feel well rather than keep pushing yourself so hard :P. Tks for always beside me through all hardships. :)


You do not need to know who am I, you just have to know that you have been a really great friend despite us not knowing each other for long. :) Never felt awkward talking to you as you are really friendly and humorous. :)


Hyeh, I'm really glad that you have finally found your spot in this society, wish you all the best in everything that you do

Kelly and Lum er

Fast fast come back, you guys have been missed by the whole LC. :)

Chau Yong

Hope that you are finally taking a break from all the busy assignments. :) Seeing you grow was really a nice thing. :) Keep up the good work.

Yoong Shang

Merry Christmas! :) Thank you for being the bitchy friend since foundation. Regardless of your bitchiness you are still a man with heart of gold, so I'm glad I am friends with you. Please take good care of yourself while you are in UK. If you get sick, buy ticket fly back Malaysia la. ;) We are always waiting for your return.


Merry Merry Merry Christmas! No present for you because you have been very naughty.
But you still get a heartfelt wish from a person that is very very very close to you pffft yeah right.


All I want for Christmas is for you to be happy and stay sexy :D

6. Christmas Gift for MarCommers - Newsletter Feedback!!

If you would like to provide any appreciation or comments for further improvement of the newsletter, kindly fill up the feedback form provided! :)

This will be the best gift for MarCommers who worked really hard to provide their best for the LC as a supporting department so far!

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed this Christmas edition of internal newsletter!

See you next year!

Signing off,