Madaim School Newsletter

November - December 2015

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Dear parents and students,

This school year, two volunteers from the US and Canada have joined the English department. These volunteers, who define themselves as proud diaspora Jews, have recently graduated university in their home countries and are now participating in a project of the Israeli Ministry of Education and the non-profit organization, Maase Olam. As part of this program, native English speakers are placed in schools all over Rehovot, their new home, to help students learn English.

As part of their volunteer placement at school, they are working with small study groups of students to develop and improve their English reading, writing, and speaking skills. As we have seen so far, the participating students are satisfied with and excited to continue being a part of this small group work. The study material of the groups parallels what the students are learning in class; the Maase team is teaching and reinforcing in collaboration with our English team. The added value of this studying manifests itself by exposing students to native English and allows them to interact culturally with citizens of English speaking countries. For example, eighth grade students are learning about the life and works of various American authors regarding cultural topics such as thanksgiving which are also being taught in accordance with the American calendar.

Distribution of hours among the groups operate under constraints of the English department and of the Maase team. In addition to their work at school, the volunteers are also enrolled in Ulpan and other community service organizations around Rehovot.

We hope take away these things and much more from this experience and we wish you a fruitful academic year.

Best Regards,

English Team - Middle School

Learn More about this years volunteers, Sabrina and Lucas, below.

הורים ותלמידים יקרים שלום רב,

בשנת הלימודים הנוכחית הצטרפו לצוות האנגלית בבית הספר לוקס וסברינה . מתנדבים אלו הם יהודים-אמריקאים גאים, כך הם מגדירים את עצמם, בוגרי אוניברסיטאות בארה"ב ובקנדה, אשר הגיעו לישראל להתנדב בקהילה במסגרת פרויקט "מסע עולם" בשיתוף עם משרד החינוך והסוכנות היהודית. במסגרת זו - קבעו הסטודנטים את משכנם ברחובות, ביתם החדש, והם מהווים עמיתי הוראה בבתי הספר השונים ברחובות.

במסגרת התנדבותם בבית ספרנו לוקס וסברינה מצטרפים לקבוצות הלמידה השונות בחטיבה וכמטרה ראשונה מעודדים את התלמידים לשפר את מיומנויות הקריאה, כתיבה ודיבור באנגלית ומסייעים להם בפיתוח מיומנויות אלה. כפי שנוכחנו עד כה, תלמידי החטיבה חוזרים נרגשים ומרוצים מהמפגשים הלימודיים הללו. חומר הלימוד הנו במקביל לנלמד בכיתה: צוות "מסע" מלמד ומתגבר בתאום עם צוות האנגלית של החטיבה ותכנית הלימודים באנגלית. ערך מוסף ללימודים אלה בא לביטוי בחשיפת התלמידים הלכה למעשה למפגש תרבויות ארה"ב-ישראל.

חלוקת השעות בין הקבוצות מתבצעת בכפוף לאילוצי מערכת של החטיבה ושל צוות "מסע" אשר בנוסף להתנדבות בבית הספר לומדים גם באולפן ובמכללת "תלפיות" בתל אביב.

אנו מקווים למצות את המיטב ממפגשים אלה ולאחל לכולם שנת לימודים פורייה !


צוות אנגלית

Debate by Ori Shriki (grade 9)

Let us start with a definition, what is debate?

Debate is a formal contest in which the affirmative and the negative side of a proposition are advocated by the opposing speakers.

The main reason we joined the debate team at our school was that we all enjoy arguing. In addition, this program gives us a chance to further improve our English.

One of the things that we hope to accomplish during this program is to be able to argue better and stronger. Ultimately, I hope to achieve more experience in constructing convincing arguments and improve my presentation skills.

The social side to this activity is also very important. For example, once presented with a resolution, we brainstorm on which facts to include in our argument, what points we would like to make and how to address it overall. Something that would definitely be more difficult on our own.

Lucas Liberman

Lucas graduated from McGill University with a double major in History and Biology. As a prospective professor, he joined the Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship in order to gain valuable teaching and volunteering experience in Israel, where he hopes to learn more of Israeli society and culture all while learning Hebrew. His background, as a contributing writer for a political journal in university and his interest in politics and current affairs, led to his desire to serve as one of the coaches in the debate club at Madaim Middle School.

Sabrina Marasa

Sabrina graduated from the University of Florida where she studied Political Science and Women's Studies. She plans to continue her Political Science studies by exploring the interaction between school systems and political attitudes, specifically in Israel. She joined Masa Teaching Fellows to gain a better understanding of this system and Israeli society in general in a way that allows her to spend her time teaching and volunteering. Her interest in politics and her high school debate background prompted her to become involved with the Madaim Debate Team, where she is enjoying the opportunity to work with such bright and talented students.