Billy Bishop Secondary School

Home of the Aces

"The Future is in the Air"


Our slogan incites curiosity and shows the endless opportunities the school provides. It connects back to the inspiration, Billy Bishop, as he was an ace pilot in both world wars. Since our school focuses on aviation and space exploration, our slogan refers to the future that many students in the program will have in the air. The slogan reminds our student body and many other individuals that our school provides as well, representing that we offer a program that is very limited and is not present at other schools. This creates interest and drive to gain information and expand knowledge to succeed and excel in this program that will benefit students in the future.

About the School

Billy Bishop Secondary School specializes in aviation science and space exploration. It offers a four year program starting in grade 9, that students are able to apply to. This program allows students to gain required knowledge and background for future careers in this industry. Universities will highly value the completion of this program when considering applications to their aeronautical and aviation courses.
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The logo of Billy Bishop SS is clear and coherent. The hawk resembles the strength and freedom our programs provide to our students. Our logo includes a hawk which is very visually appealing to individuals because of the bright colors and unique design. The use of Aces and the hawk, relates to Billy Bishop and his fearless attitude and confidence during WWI and WWII.