Water Pollution

Why Does Water Pollution Effect the World?

what is water pollution?

Water Pollution- The addition of harmful chemicals to natural water. Sources of water pollution in the United States include industrial waste, run-off from fields treated with chemical fertilizers, and run-off from areas that have been mined.

What causes water pollution?

  • acid rain can pollute the water because it has chemicals in it, and it can get into rivers by runoff
  • people littering
  • too many boats
  • sewage

How does water pollution effect the world?

  • can cause serious illnesses like typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery
  • prevent people from using the natural resources they have
  • can lower the amount of oxygen that dissolves in the water, which kills bad bacteria
  • government has spent billions of dollars to try and reduce the amount of water pollution, to keep us safe

Solution #1

We can have laws where you cant litter or throw trash or anything into bodies of water. Even though this is already a law we could enforce it more and have more punishments.

  1. There will be less water pollution
  2. It will make people more aware of the problem
  3. Anyone can contribute and help out
  4. It is easy and a quick decision


  1. Some people might not follow the rules
  2. Could take a long time to fix the problem
  3. Might not be effective
  4. wouldn't get rid of all pollution

Solution #2

Watch what chemicals people are putting in the yard and grass because it can runoff into bodies of water when it rains.

  1. The water will be less polluted
  2. It'll help the ozone because there will be less chlorine and other chemicals in the spray aerosols for your yard
  3. It is not that hard
  4. Anyone can help


  1. Some people just won't do it
  2. It will be hard for people to stop using pesticides and fertilizers on their grass
  3. Grass and lawns won't grow as well
  4. There could be pests and animal infestations

The Best Solution

I think that the two solutions combined would be the best idea, but if i had to choose one I would choose the first solution. The two combined would work the best because when you do one separate it won't work as good as both of them combined, and it will make a bigger difference.