Maple Monarch Newsletter

Ms. Cole's 1st Grade Class

What's New in B2?

We are beginning a new social studies unit that will help us transition from talking about our own neighborhoods, to learning about other neighborhoods and the world around us. This unit will be focused on using and reading maps! Even with the common use of GPS, reading maps is still a very important task to learn. Your children will be learning how to read a map by discovering different points of view, identifying places by colors and symbols and describing an objects location using prepositions! This unit will help students become responsible, knowledgeable, respectful and active members of their community, which are important qualities for their bright futures!

How Families Can Help:

As always, feel free to email me or comment below with questions and comments about the family activities!

Week One: We will be discussing different points of view and focusing on a map point of view. I will send home a guide sheet to work on with your children

Week Two: We will focus on Map Symbols. I will send home a neighborhood map that I would like you to help your children create a key for.

Week Three: This week we will be learning about distance. Distance is important when learning about maps, but it is also a very tricky concept for first graders to understand, which is why your involvement in the learning of this topic is necessary! To help, I will send home an activity that you can do with your family that will help reinforce some key concepts we will learn in class.

Week Four: Our last topic of this unit is location. We will be practicing describing the location of objects and places using words such as in front, behind, left, right, above and below. To help your children out with this, you can practice these terms at home throughout the unit. Hide an object, describe where it is, see if your child can find it and vice versa.

Remember! The more they practice at home, the more they will understand at school!