Xavier's Third Grade Connection

April 20- April 25, 2020


Language Arts
  • Third graders love chapter books! Sometimes we forget how great picture books are too, though. Go grab a handful of picture books and find a cozy spot to sit and enjoy reading your picture books! Put your books away when you are finished.

  • Draw a picture with multiple objects and label each with an adjective and the noun. For example: tall tree, lovely butterfly, red flower. You may choose to complete this using the activity on SeeSaw if you would rather.
  • You can review what adjectives are here.


  • Play Multiplication TicTacToe with a family member or against yourself. Say the answer before you can mark X or O. You can print this board, copy it on paper, or make up your own.
  • Do First In Math


  • The first time the Risen Christ appears to His disciples, one of them is missing. When Thomas hears, he does not believe. He wants proof. In His great love, Jesus helped Thomas believe.


Language Arts
  • Read the story Red by going to SeeSaw. Use SeeSaw to tell the problem in the story, the solution, and what Red learned about himself in the story. You can write or record your voice.

  • Read for 20 minutes


  • Today you will learn about perimeter. Watch this perimeter video to learn what a perimeter is and how to find the perimeter of a shape with straight sides.
  • Go to SeeSaw to find the perimeter of five shapes.
  • Do Xtra Math


  • Think about the story of Thomas you learned yesterday. Now read these questions. You can think about your answers, talk about them to someone or write about them.
  • What helps you believe that Jesus is alive?
  • Have you ever been like Thomas and had questions or doubts?
  • Name things you believe in even though you can't see them.
  • (Jesus, love, and heaven can get you started).


Language Arts
  • Listen to A Bad Case of the Stripes. Practice retelling the story to someone at home or to me on SeeSaw. (Remember just click the green + sign to add your own activity for things like this). In your retelling be sure to answer these questions:
  • Who is the main character?
  • What is this story mostly about?
  • What is the problem in this story and how is it solved?

  • Read for 20 minutes


  • Practice 10 questions on finding perimeter here. If you get one wrong, read to see where you made your mistake. You will only be able to do 10 problems.
  • Practice your multiplication or division flashcards.


  • Go to Wordart.com to create a fun Easter project.
    • In the left column, type as many words you can that remind you of Easter or transformation. You can start with words like change, butterfly, Jesus, peace, new life, and Thomas.
    • Click on “shape” and choose a shape that is given. You will find a butterfly in the 9th row!
    • You can choose a font, a layout, and the style for your colors.
    • When done, you can see the wordart by clicking on “Visualize.” Make changes or print it if you like.
    • See my example up above in this box!


Language Arts

  • Think about the story A Bad Case of the Stripes that you listened to yesterday. Now write your answer to this question. Would you rather eat lima beans or go to school covered in stripes? Write 4-5 complete sentences giving your answer, your reasons, why and then a summary sentence at the end. Check your writing for periods and capital letters.

  • Read for 20 minutes


  • Find the perimeter of 3 objects at home. Perhaps a book, a shelf, or a box.
  • Go to SeeSaw to do the Finding Perimeter activity. You will also learn today how to find the length of a missing side when you are given the perimeter.
  • Do Xtra Math



  • Make a list called "My Gratitude List." Write a list of things you are thankful for. Include the big things and the little things in your life that you are thankful for! Decorate if you wish. Share with me on SeeSaw if you wish. Hang your list up to remind you of all you have to be thankful for!
  • Pray with your family for the sick and for an end to the Corona Virus.


  • The 3rd grade students have Typing.com accounts. https://www.typing.com/ At this website, students can take timed typing tests, work on their keyboarding lessons, and play typing games. All 3rd grade students have accounts already set up and should have stickers for this in their assignment notebooks. If your child needs his or her username or password, please contact Mrs. Rubel at mrubel@xavier.pvt.k12.ia.us. Your child could also spend some time exploring some of the keyboarding games that she has linked on the Xavier Technology website.

These can be found at: https://mrsrubel.weebly.com/keyboarding-games.html


  • Look here for cursive letters. Choose two capital letters to practice.

Helpful Information

  • Mrs. Rahe's Class Code: vhb5049
  • Mrs. Wubbena's Class Code: zah2491

Keystone AEA

  • username: kaea118
  • password: kaea01

Other Notes:

  • Remember to submit any pictures you have of your time at home to Mrs. Rubel for consideration for the yearbook. Pictures can be of any of the school work you've been doing or anything else creative you've done as well! Submit by Friday, April 24.