About Kaeko Ishikawa;)

My name is Kaeko Ishikawa.I'm a exchange student from Tokyo,Japan.

I really like to sing,read books and magazines and dance!And also like to hang out with friends;)I have been dancing since I was 4th grade.

I used to sing with friends all the time when I was little.

I lived with my parents,two younger brothers and two sweet cats when I was in Japan.Now,I live with my host family in Belton.

It was very first time to celebrate Christmas in America without my family.But it was so fun,and I got many presents;)I really like American Christmas!

During the break,I almost stayed at my host family's house.Because it was too cold outside for me.

My goal of 2014 is to get a perfect English,study really hard,talk to many people who I don't know,and always be smiling and strong!

I was in a Beauty and the Beast which was a fall musical last year and now,I'm doing cheer for the first time.I wanna strat to practice singing and dancing again;)

I like to see a smiling face and smile by myself:)Because it makes me happy and I think it makes other people also smiling.

I will be here only a year.So I want to learn many things,and English.

Nice to meet you!!!