Boxing Day

December 26

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History and Purpose of Boxing Day

This holiday is celebrated for servants or workers to be recognized and give appreciation to them. Servants are given gifts that are called christmas boxes, they are called this because this holiday is the day after christmas. There are different theorys on how this holiday originated. In Britain the intention of this holiday is hoping that the servants will give a good years of work in thanks of the gift given to them on boxing day. In Europe the tradition is to give money and other gifts to servants or those who are in need.

Activities and Traditions

The main activity of this holiday is to give the workers and servants a gift in thanks for their work. There is also a charity called Boxing Day Dip that is celebrated in a few places. The idea of this charity is to raise money for those who are less fortunate. This is an event where you wear a fancy dress if you want, then go into the sea.
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Traditional food and drink

There are no food or drink specific to this holiday. Although sometimes turkey and other left over food from christmas (the day before) are given to the servants as gifts.
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Costumes and festive attire

There are not any specific food or drink for this holiday. Although sometimes left over turkey and food eaten on christmas is given as a gift on Boxing day.
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