Why Malacca is the best place to be a merchant.

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Services offered here:

  • Elephants can help you unload heavy goods from your ship.
  • There are residential areas here that are run by people from you country! You can stay here while you are in Malacca, eating your native foods and speaking your native language.
  • For a small fee you can have a safe place to store your goods.


Many things are sold in Malacca. For example there are many kinds of spices, silver, cotton, and cloth.

Satisfied traders have said:

  • "The only place i needed to stop on my trip was in Malacca! They had every thing I needed!"
  • "I made a great profit of my products in Malacca!"
  • "I didn't feel home sick at all in Malacca, it is my favorite place to buy and sell my goods!"

Other benefits of being a merchant in Malacca:

  • The gifts you must bring the Sultan do not have to be very high in price or value.
  • All merchants are welcome!