Artists Reveal the World

Moving from Landscapes to Cityscapes

Skills and Principles

Students will learn Paper cutting techniques.

Students will demonstrate understanding of positive and negative space.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of scale, maintaining 1 perspective.

Students will use repeated shapes to create architectural details.

Intro to Paper Cutting

City Skylines

Simply Paper Cutting


How do you know when you're done?? This is what I'm looking for:

1. Technique - you have created a variety of cuts and marks and all cuts are clean, not jagged.

2. Aesthetics - you have a variety of building shapes with lots of repeated and varied details like windows, doors, people, etc...

3. Elements and Principles - you have demonstrated a clear understanding of positive and negative SPACE because it is interesting. You have proper use of SCALE because everything looks right in relation to the other buildings.

4. Creativity - The 'wow' factor. Did you push your own limits and come up with the best product you can make?