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Parent Newsletter - January 6th, 2020

Director's Corner

How to Help Your Child Manage Time and Understand Expectations

This week's article discusses time management. Children under 5 years old do not have the ability to understand "time" as adults do. This article provides ways parents can try various approaches at home to avoid potential tantrums and meltdowns when it comes to time management and your child understanding what is expected of them.

Have a great week!

Ms. Lisa

Silver Strand Corner

Welcome Ms. Luca!

Please welcome Ms. Luca Berrgren, Silver Strand's new State Preschool. Luca has worked with families and children for the past 12 years in various child development roles and is eager to become apart of our preschool program. For a more detailed bio, please visit Silver Strand elementary school's web page and select Strand Preschool. We look forward having a great rest of the school year with Ms. Luca!

Crown Corner

Safety Reminder: Crown Preschool Families

Please do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the yellow curb in front of Crown Preschool! This area is a turn-about that needs to keep moving! Because preschool students must be signed into preschool daily, families need to park in the neighborhood or an actual parking space in front of Crown Hall. Police may motor this area and have given citations.

Thank you for your cooperation!

IMPORTANT: Village Elementary Tour for next year Kinder and TK students

Wednesday, Jan. 8th, 9:30-10:15am

600 6th Street

Coronado, CA

Location: Village Hall

Tour begins at 9:30am sharp! Please join us for a tour of the designated Kinder Quad, 1st Grade Pod, new Innovation lab, VAPA room, Playground and Cafeteria.

The tour is open to current ECDC families moving to Village in 2020-2021 and prospective families new to Village.

If you're unable to attend the morning tour, please join us at 5:15pm.

Updates For All Families

Library Applications

Attention Preschool families: Please take this opportunity, if you haven't done so already, to complete a library application for your child. There are applications provided in your child's classroom this week ONLY! We invite our families to sign up and bring in books from the Coronado library to share with the class each week (see section on library books). Your child's classroom has posted the topics we need books for each week. You are also welcome to register for a library application here: register your child(ren) for a free library card!

Coronado Library Visit

Friday, Jan. 17th, 12-1pm

640 Orange Avenue

Coronado, CA

Friday January 17th is a non-student day in Coronado Unified. We are inviting our preschool friends to an optional "meet-up" day at Coronado Library. Come meet the librarian who currently reads to Crown Preschoolers each month, checkout the display of winter artwork provided by our students, and enjoy a story-time! Parents are required to stay with their child during the "meet-up".

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Library Books!

Our preschool program hopes each family participates and signs up for an opportunity to bring in LIBRARY books. We strongly encourage families to visit the Coronado or any local library with their child, have them select the books to bring to school, and share these books with their peers for the week. It is not required to participate but if you would like to do so, please send only send in LIBRARY books!

Early Years Article - January

Educational Parenting Article for January ~ Teachers and Families working together to learn and provide the best opportunities for our youngest learners during the developmental years.
Lunch Menu

Through Feb. 7, 2020

School Calendar and Upcoming Events

- 1/17 Teacher Workday NO SCHOOL

- 1/20 M.L. King Jr. Birthday NO SCHOOL

**Please note that both preschools WILL NOT be participating in the Jan 30th late start and will operate on a regular schedule**

Late Pickup

In the new year, our program will begin auditing check-out times. Please note:

  • Crown Preschool and Extended Care charges $1/min for late pick-ups.
  • Silver Strand and all State funded families are not charged late fees but will be given an Infraction Letter that tracks the amount of late pick-ups. 5 or more late pick-ups is a reason to lose your State funded spot.

Please Sign Your Child In Everyday

Just a friendly reminder to make sure you sign your child into school everyday at drop off and again at pick up. If anyone else is assisting you with drop off/pickup, please remind them of our process. If anyone other than the parents are picking up, its always best to carry a photo identification.

Illness at Preschool

It's the time of year our preschoolers may become sick with a cold and or flu. Please keep your child home when they are contagious with an illness such as fever, vomit, or diarrhea for a period of 24-hours symptom free.

Families can also help reduce the spread of germs by reinforcing at home our preschool hand washing steps. The 6 steps are:

  1. Get hands wet
  2. Get soap
  3. Lather hands for 20 seconds
  4. Rinse all soap off
  5. Dry hands
  6. Turn the faucet off with a paper towel

Check out the poster below to help your kids be a germ-buster too!

  • Please label all outer clothing as cool mornings turn into hot days
  • On that note, please dress your children appropriately for the hot weather
  • Make sure to check backpacks each night for important communication or classroom work
  • Let us know if your child will need a lunch 24 hours ahead of time
  • Fill out an absence request form every time your child is out.
  • Please label everything…backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes and any containers inside, and clothing.
  • Specify if there are separate meals (breakfast, snack, lunch…please label which is which).
  • Please have your child wash their hands upon arrival in the classrooms.

    Miss Zulya, Miss Eileen & Miss Patty

Annual Check-Ups during the school year?

If you see your pediatrician during the school year for your annual visit, please don't forget to hand them your Physician's Report and return the completed form to us. You can email or drop completed forms to the ECDC or Preschool office.

PLEASE NOTE- Preschool requirements are as follows:

  • If an exam has been preformed within one year of our preschool start date, anytime between August 22, 2018 and August 22, 2019, you are up to date.
  • Current immunization requirements can be found online and any students who have not completed their full series of shots must have a signed doctor's exemption or explanation of delay.

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