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April 15, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week's agenda includes continuing our drug education unit and MCA math test. The Reading MCA is on paper and will be April 24 and 25th. The Math MCA will be taken on computer and will be broken into many sessions to encourage student focus. Any support you can give your child by encouraging adequate rest the night beforehand and a healthy breakfast the morning of is appreciated.

Please see notes about PRIDE at the bottom. We can do better this week as a group! Thank you to students who shows excellence ALL WEEK!

One highlight I am very excited about is an opportunity for our class to begin a "book blog" in which we can make recommendations of "good reads" and check the blog to generate ideas of what to read. This blog will be created only for our class (public cannot view), however your child will have a password they may access it. All submissions will go through moderators to ensure appropriateness and accuracy. Students do not have access to editing. As we slowly begin this process, ask your child to show you the blog!

Mrs. Sheldrup

April's Events and Notes

15 DMMS presentation at Garfield (for students only)
19 School-wide celebration assembly
24 MCA Reading Part 1
25 MCA Reading Part 2
26 Internet Safety Presentation- M. Ringhofer & Officer Gangelhoff
April Novel Due
27 Regional Science Fair at MSU,M

This Week's Reading Focus: Poetry and Poetic Devices, MCA Preparation, and Summarization!

As we near MCA's we are reviewing key reading skills and applying them in fresh ways.

Poetry: We will study many forms of poetry, including: lyric, cinquain, narrative, sonnet, haiku, and concrete.

Poetic Devices: We will study rhyme, meter, simile, metaphor, alliteration (assonance and consonance, imagery, personification, onomatopoeia, form, rhythm, idiom, and symbolism. We have reviewed these devices many times and your child should be able to tell you about most of them.

Summarization: Retelling the big ideas. Ask your child to read a magazine or newspaper article. Can they summarize the most important parts?

Unit 5, Week 4 Vocabulary Questions for Home Discussion

• Defiance is the willingness
to fight or put up a challenge.
When is showing defiance beneficial? When is it detrimental?

• If something is evident,
it is clear to the sight or understanding?
Describe something that is evident about school. Home?

• If something resonated, it echoed or connected.
Describe the difference between literally and figuratively resonating.

• Someone persistent
continues on despite
opposition or difficulty.
What are some positive issues to be persistent about?

• A person’s convictions
are his or her beliefs.
What are your three most important convictions? What convictions do you want to have in a friend?

• Oppression is the unjust
use of power or authority.
How can you fight oppression legally? Can you think of figures in history who have done this?

• Momentum is the
strength gained through
the development of events.
Describe when you have experienced or observed momentum of an idea, skill, awareness, conviction, belief, or achievement.

• Remedies are medicines
for curing disease.
Do you have any family remedies for aiding or curing illness/disease?

This Month's Focus: Putting It All Together

This past week was a difficult one for many students to give their best with PRIDE. An unusual week (as I was sick Monday, late start Tuesday, and snow day Thursday) presented us with challenges that I believe we can triumph over. Please discuss with your child the types of choices he/she made? We had equal numbers of students making positive and negative choices. Ask your child to reflect on their personal choices? This is an opportunity to praise him/her or help him/her make a positive plan for this next week. Thank you for your support.

My Contact Information:

Please contact me any time! I look forward to working with you and your child!