What i learned in lesson #1

Tia Satterwhite

I learned that a juvenile is any one under 16 years old. The goal is to rehabilitate the behavior rather than punish .

  1. The process of the juvenile system begins when the police make an arrest and then handle the case in court. They handle two types of cases. Neglect and Delinquency
  2. Gerald Gault was 15 when he was sentenced to 6 years for making a phone call to his neighbor. He did not have a attorney present and The neighbor was never questioned. The result was that the supreme court overturned the ruling in 1967 case and established the rules. The right to not to be forced witnesses and not be forced to incriminate themselves.


  1. once the child is arrested , they are placed into the system. No fingerprints or pictures
  2. The parents are called and notified where and what the child has done
  3. The child may be kept in a detention center and/or sent home until a court date
  4. The child may be diverted to counselling , job training or drug treatment centers.
  5. Later a preliminary hearing decides if there is enough evidence to continue with the trial .
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