News in the Middle East


In Iraq a suicide bomber driving a car with explosives blew himself up Wednesday killing at least 33 people. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, they think it was Sunni insurgents. This violence is the deadliest since November 29th when 43 people were killed in southern Iraq. Also in the news three helicopter are headed to Iraq. These were purchased through the US government. It is a deal that helps many people in the Tennessee Valley.This helps us bring money from other countries to help support the local economy. Recently in Iraq bad weather has affected oil shipments to 960,000 barrels per day. High winds in the Gulf are making it hard for them to loaded ships to leave the port. "The oil exports fell 2.34 million barrels a day in December and 2.62 million barrels per day in November due to rough weather and technical problems with a single point mooring terminal in the Gulf" -Arabian Business


Iran is being confronted by the United States of America and its allies. President Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel are threatening to start War with Iran if they continue to try to make nuclear weapons. Many are worried through because both Obama and Hagel have had anti-war attitudes in the past. The decision comes down to if Obama thinks we could handle Iran with nuclear weapons. Next we have a story about bad weather stranding Iranian captives who were freed. The Syrian rebels who were holding Iranians got the Syrian authorities to release 2,000 in exchange for the captives. The freed Iranian captives were going to leave but, the plane to take them home could not go. A few days earlier there had been a winter storm. The storm caused strong winds which prevented the plane to take the prisoners home. Now we have a story about oil in Iran. Iran has had a hard time with crude oil sales. Western sanctions about Iran's nuclear program have hurt the economy. With the oil sales down foreign trades are also going down in Iran.


In Afghanistan President Obama and President Karazai will meet to discuss Afghanistan's security problems. 36% of Afghanistan's people that live in poverty suffer from acute malnourishment. In Kabul, there are 35,000 replaced refugees. Raz,s message to each of the governments is that he hopes that they can regain their humanity. People in America and Afghanistan need to practice a security that adresses basic needs ad root problems. Also a teaam of suicide bombers attacked the Afghan spy agency recently. This bombing killed on and injured thirty-three. The bombers came into the building aremed but the security officers took them out quickly. Afghan people are saying that this should not be happening and they want it to stop. Next up, Afghan people are having to suffer from very harsh winters. Some villages here do not get to eat because there is simply not a lot of food. People are dying and it is affecting a lot of peope in these villages. The villages are hoping and praying that things will get better very soon.