Mindless Mining

Have we become too greedy?

The issue:


All mining requires a hole in the mountain, blowing up part of the mountain, or maybe making a deep hole in the ground. We use the mountain loosely. Just like forests, there are only so many areas with easy mining opportunities. If humans use up all of those locations, the cost of getting those resources will go up. Also, there's the issue with pollution in the surrounding areas.

Process simplified:

  1. Need a mine? Simple, blow a gigantic hole at your nearest mountain. Forget about the dubris.
  2. Need a mine? Don't have explosives? Dig a deep hole in the ground. Forget about pollution that the mining equipment may put out.
  3. Complaints from environmentalist activists? Convince the public that the gold, silver, and iron that you are mining for is way more important than protecting the wildlife and valuable resources.

Real People. Real Problems.

Britannia Mine, British Columbia.
"Mining Everywhere Man"