Final Solution

By: Brandon Miller

Overveiw of the Holocaust

The Final Solution to the Jewish Question was a German plan for the extermination of the Jews during World War II. This policy of deliberate and systematic genocide across German occupied Europe was formulated in procedural terms by Nazi leadership in January 1942 at the Wannsee conference near Berlin, and culminated in the Holocaust which saw the killing of ninety percent of the polish Jewry and two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe. No aspect of the Holocaust has been studied and debated as intensively as the nature and timing of the decisions that led to the Final Solution. The program evolved during the first twenty-five months of war leading to the attempt at "murdering every last Jew in the German grasp." Most historians agree, like Christopher Browning, that the Final Solution cannot be attributed to just a single decision made at one particular view in time. "It is generally accepted the decision-making process was prolonged and incremental." In the first phase of the mass murder of Jews, wrote Raul Hilberg , the mobile killers pursued their victims across occupied territories; in the second phase, affecting all of Europe, the victims were brought to the killers at the centralized extermination/concentration camps built for this purpose.

Definition/background information

The Final Solution to the Jewish question is the suffering and death of over six million Jews and over five million non Jewish people they were pursued and brought down to concentration camps.

Heinrich Müller : one of the chief organizers of the Final Solution and the plan the National Socialist German workers during World War II he was a Cold-hearted man that had no worries for the Jews death he wouldn't even care for a few million Jews and non Jews to be killed just for perfection. but he disappeared when he was found out that he was the second most wanted Nazi fugitive but right after the first which is Martin Bormann.

Origanal Reasearch Question

What was the holocaust and how was the final solution connected to the holocaust and why it happened.


"Everything we (the Nazis) do is half-attempted and half done."

"Müller has been described as a small, neat man, with an imposing head and sharp features, curiously disfigured by a thin gash of a mouth that had no lips. His penetrating eyes seemed to see everything that was going on."


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