Healthy People 2020 New Goals

Health is a big thing for the SPS system, and they are making sure us students are healthy by making some new changes to our food choices. Vending machines will now sell foods that meet the nutrition standards which for foods have a calorie limit of 200 for snacks, and 350 for an entree, with sodium limits having 230mg for snacks, and 480 for entrees. Drinks must be either water, low fat or fat free, unflavored or fat free flavored, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, or 100% fruit or vegetable juice diluted with water and no added sweeteners. School parties may not have over 50% of food for the entire year be junk food. And fundraiser items that meet the new standards are able to be sold during school to be consumed, while others can not be if they don't meet the new standards. Also, birthday events may not have any food celebrations, and another way to celebrate will be selected such as extra recess time. These are just a few of the new changes brought to you by the SPS system to make us healthier.