Inglewood Primary School

NEWSLETTER No 30 - December 17 2020

Our Mission:

Learning to think, to do, to be

Ako ki te whakaaro, ako ki te mahi, ako kia ora ai te mauri

Our Vision: To provide a teaching and learning environment where of those involved: demonstrate respect, expect the best, achieve through opportunity, communicate actively & feel good and safe

Nau Mai Haere Mai, Talofa, Faʻafeiloaiga, Bula

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Kia ora whanau

Well as Shania Twain once said "it looks like we made it!" As we bring our 2020 educational year to a close, we can all be very proud of who we are, how we have responded and contributed to the wellbeing and success of others.

The year we have navigated, what no one, in this present day has ever done before and that makes us a part of the global history of the world. Our thoughts continue to be with our staff and whanau who are facing challenging times, please know our love and strength is with you. #ipsrightbehindya

Congratulations and thank you to all whanau, tamariki, staff, BoT and Parentlink, while the year has been tough, the sparkles of sunshine amongst the dark have been valued and appreciated.

On a personal note, I can share my surgery went very well, the cancer was removed and I will be back on deck for the start of the 2021 year. Many thanks to those who have personally contacted me, left offerings at my door and provided lovely kai. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated and has aided in my recovery thus far. I set a personal goal to attend both, junior and senior prize givings, seeing the staff, children and whanau certainly filled my bucket.

Finally, I hope you all have a fantastic summer break, with family and friends as we prepare to refuel in readiness for an exciting (hopefully COVID free) 2021.

Take care of each other and thank you again

Arohanui o te whanau


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Congratulations to our 2020 End of Year Winners

Over the last two days we have had the absolute honor of presenting our end of year trophies to the following recipients.

DUX Cup - William Young

Proxime Accesit Cup - Hunter Benseman & Matthew Tee

Academic Excellence Awards - Floyd Armstrong, Ayla Gyde, Madison Tubby, Charlie Wade

Reed Benton Cup (Girl) - Julia Pearse

Reed Benton Cup (Boy) - William Young & Blake White

Nicholl Sports Cup (Girl) - Anahera Martin & Kaitlyn Antill

Nicholl Sports Cup (Boy) - Kade Landgridge

Elite Sportsperson - Anahera Martin, Isla Jordan, Kaitlyn Antill, Noah Dalliston, Courtney Valentine & Annabella Cowling

Te Kura o Kohanga Moa Paraihe Mehana Trophy - Anahera Martin & Azarlyah Martin

Madgwick REACH Cup Year 7 - Katie West

Chilcott REACH Cup Year 7 - Patrick Howard

Terrill REACH Cup Year 6 - McKenzie Zame & Ava Baeyertz

Richardson REACH Cup Year 6 - Matthew Boyd & Luka Broughton

Patterson REACH Cup Year 5 - Harper Bailey

Edwards/Boyd REACH Cup Year 5 - Mafa Fruean

Ritchie REACH Cup Year 4 - Cooper Marshall-Smith

Phillips/Smith REACH Cup Year 4 - Sophia Martin

Mannex-Kingi REACH Cup Year 3 - James Boyd & Lakin Bailey

Carter REACH Cup Year 3 - Nonoi Fruean

Ritchie Innovation & Industry Award - Taytum Gyde

Marshall-Smith Conquering Challenges Cup - Blake White

Talbot Bracey Debating/Speech/Drama Cup - Capri Peterson

Year 7 Netball - Courtney Valentine

Year 8 Netball - Ruby Smith



Moa iti Smith (Alice Smith, Team Leader) - Moa iti: New Entrants

Panitahi O'Connor (Libby 'O'Connor / Rm1) Year 1 & 2

Panitahi Smith (Rebecca Smith / Rm 2) Year 1 & 2

Panitahi Tiong (Joy Tiong / Rm 3) Year 1 & 2

Panitahi Adams (Rangi Adams / Rm 4) Year 1 & 2


Pouakai Turner (Tracy Turner, Team Leader) - New Collaborative: Year 3&4

Pouakai Zimmerman (Mel Zimmerman) - New Collaborative: Year 3&4

Pouakai Pearce (Taryn Pearce) - New Collaborative: Year 3&4

Pouakai Simpson (Lynda Simpson) Portacom: Year 3&4


Waiongana iti Oliver (Koron Oliver, Team Leader) - New Collaborative: Year 5&6

Waiongana iti Boyd (Steph Boyd) - New Collaborative: Year 5&6

Waiongana itt Blackwell (Ashleigh Blackwell) - New Collaborative: Year 5&6


Puke Haupapa White (Tracy White, Team Leader) - Room 10: Year 7&8

Puke Haupapa Wheatley (Rob Wheatley) - Room 11: Year 7&8

Puke Haupapa Suter (Claire Suter) - Room 8: Year 7&8

Puke Haupapa Banks (Katherine Banks) - Room 9: Year 7&8

Thank You

Inglewood Lions, Inglewood Rotary and Tarata Country Women's Institute very kindly donated christmas gifts to some of our families at Inglewood Primary School. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you


We are excited to be invited into the Healthy Lunches Programme provided by Budget 2020 for the 2021 year ahead. This programme provides funding until December 2021 to expand the provision of daily school lunches to approximately 850 schools across New Zealand, reaching around 200,000 students from the 25 percent of schools and kura in communities facing the greatest socio-economic disadvantage.

Our school will be provided with the lunches each day for ALL children attending Inglewood Primary School, which is fantastic.

All teachers have sent a message on see-saw to all families regarding any dietary requirements. Please respond to this message as soon as possible for our records and planning purposes. Thank you

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Please remember...

The school site over the break will have various contractors and all health and safety notices should be adhered to please.

New Buildings - NO entry

Shade sails - commencement of installation starts 13 Jan

New Modular Building alongside Panitahi - coming in January - site area will be fenced.

Car Park Project - there could be some site works around this, please adhere to signs

Thank you in advance to our various families who monitor activities over the non-contact periods, you vigilance is appreciated.

Stay safe everyone

First day back 2021 - Monday 1 February

We love our new way of strengthening our home-school partnership.

We start this off with a “Learning Transition Partnership Day” which will be Monday 1 February.

On this day we will be having 15 minute slots with each student and family in their homeroom class.

This time slot is about informing the 2021 teacher of anything they will need to know about your child, socially, wellbeing, learning difficulties, or special talents and skills they may have

We will learn about your child’s and family’s strengths and ideas you may have to contribute to learning opportunities at school.

Our teachers will be focussed on each family, listening and planning for a successful 2021.

We encourage all families to attend, even if you or your child knows their 2021 teacher. Our feedback from 2020 has highlighted that this is a fantastic opportunity to have a positive transition into our new school year..We look forward to seeing you.


Monday 1 February 2021
Each interview is 15 minutes long. Please ensure you arrive on time to each interview.
Booking your interviews
1. Go to, enter the event code DE4HAEG9 and click Go.
2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.
3. Select the teachers you'd like to book by ticking the checkbox beside their name, and then click the Book Interviews button at the bottom of the page.
4. Using the timetable, click the Book button beside the time slot you'd like to book for the teacher. You'll be asked to confirm your booking.
5. Continue until you've booked all teachers.
Once you're finished, you can view your timetable by clicking My Interviews at the top of the page. You can also print a PDF timetable to take to your interviews.
Before your interviews, you'll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you can do so by following the link in the email you received when you first signed up.
If you can’t book online line, you will be able to book via the School Office from Monday 25 January.

For working parents who cannot get care for their kids on Monday 1 February,

The Senior Leadership team will be available to take the kids if needed.
Please call the Office from Monday 25 January or email and let us know if your child will need to be with us.

2021 Stationery Lists

Will be available from the school office from Wednesday 27 January and uploaded to the school website from this date.

All stationery will be available for purchase from school from Thursday 28 January.

Stationery lists will be given to all students on Monday 1 February at the Learning Partnership Day.

Stationery can be added to your students accounts.

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to Sophie Lee, Colt Gardiner, Alex Rigby, Ayla Gyde, Torbin Piddington, Piper Hart, Ella Robertson, Ruby Smith, Arana Walker, Rosalie Cross, Annabelle Edwards, Patrick Radcliffe, Joseph Broughton, Sarah Tilby, Amyah Ritchie, Obie Griffin, Mariah Byles, Marcus Byles, Jordan Perry, Jake Dobson, William Kerr, Anahera Martin, Logan Longstaff, Rowan Lucinsky, Carter Lucinsky, Alex Heather, Tyler Polglase, Tane Savage, Eleecia Young, Jaymee Newton-Hardcastle, Jacob Towning, Ngatai Mason, Cooper Mullins, Nicholas West, Lukah Nicholas, Lucas Lund, Isaac Morrison-Fonoti, Zaine Dobson, Dayton Pihama, Riley Chilcott, Elisha Krithi, David West, Georgia Ryan, Blake Frechtlking, Zoe Trim, Stella Sutton, Madison Tubby, Ivey-Rose Smillie, Eden Costar, Arlo Jonker, Mafa Fruean, Jayden Cameron, Darci Wilson and Cory Gillespie who are celebrating their birthday's this week and in the holidays.

2021 School Term Dates

Term 1 - 1 February to 16 April

8 February - Waitangi Day Mondayised

5 March - Teacher Only Day

8 March - Taranaki Anniversary Day

2 April - Good Friday

5 April - Easter Monday

6 April - Easter Monday

Term 2 - 3 May to 9 July

7 June - Queens Birthday

Term 3 - 26 July to 1 October

Term 4 - 18 October to 16 December

25 October - Labour Day

26 October - Teacher Only Day

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Construction Warning

Please be aware there will be more building work in January. Please stay away from this area on the front field.

Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon - Wednesday 31 March 2021

Registrations are now open for the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon. When registering online, please add registrations under the group Inglewood Primary School.

Before and After School Care

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IPS Clothing

Please click on the link to order directly from our school website or pop into the school office.

New IPS Student Shirts

We have a fabulous new IPS school shirt. These are $20 each and can be purchased from the school office or popped on your school account.
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