backround of Gandhi

Gandhi was born on the second of october 1869 in Porbandar. He was in a wealthy family one of the higher castes. He was the fourth child of Karamchand (he was the prime minister to the raja)He discribed his mum as a deeply religous woman who went to the the temple daily. Gandhi was married when he was thirteen.

Gandhi Was Kicked off a Train

Saturday, June 9th 2012 at 12am

South Africa

Gandhi was in a first class caridge with his tickets travelling somewhere in South Africa when a white person walked in he ordered him to a third class caridge because he coloured skin. Gandhi refeused to move so he got kicked off the train even though he did have first class tickets!

Gandhi and His Cause

Gandhi was fighting against Brittan and for indias independance and for human values. Gandhi was hindu and belived that violence was not good and that things can be achiveved peacefully. Gandihi was fighting for and human values in South Africa bucause the black people wernt being treated the same as the white people like when he was assulted was when he landed in South Africa a mob of white people attacked him.

Gandhi and his Methods

Gandhis method of protest was satygraha. Roughly transtated it means truth-force. Gandhi fought injustce by not fighting back when all the white people physicly and verbaly insulted him. He did not fight back because he belived that violence wasnt going to solve the problem.

My Opinion

I think that Ganhis metods worked well because if he had fought back physicaly he would have just gotten himself into more troubble. He showed me that you do not need violence to solve a problem and that there are always another way to solve it. if I was in that situation I think that i would have gotten very angry and I probabley would have acted in violence back towards them but Gandhi knew better.