The Palace Music Studio

After School Music Program

Your Child and the Music

Does your child show interest for music? Do they have extra time in their day?

Here at The Palace Music Studio, we accept any child from Pre-K to 5th grade onto our safe, friendly after school program! Your child will:

  • Play and discover different instruments and notes
  • Learn the value of teamwork
  • Be introduced to different genres of music: Classical and Pop (Clean)
  • Create new friendships

Whether your child is an experienced musician or not, introduce them to new ways of learning!

Our Services

Music Experience 101

The learning doesn't stop at school! Under the supervision of our certified music teachers, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of musical notation as well as "hands-on" experience on instruments.

In addition, your child will practice and perform in ensembles to develop key social interaction skills, confidence and strong bonds with their peers.


$15 per month

$10 sign up fee

Musical Therapy Sessions

Our one-on-one session with a special music therapist may be the perfect choice for you and your child.

Whether your child needs a break from their everyday lives and need special attention, our therapist are here to accompany them through music.

From simple vocal exercises to listening to calming and classical music, your child will be at ease.


$20 per month

$10 sign up fee

Science in Music!

Can my child really benefit from this? How is science and music related?

“Music helps the development of the brain’s capacity when the left and right hemispheres are activated at the same time, so that more information will be received and retained"

- Neurologist Shahrzas Hagshenans of Persian Gulf University

When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy: Tim Ringgold at TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon

Open House / 2016 sign ups!

Friday, Dec. 11th, 4-8pm

534 Melody Stone Lane Pensacola, Florida

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