I can describe how resources affect a community.

What resources does my tribe use to create shelter? Why?

The Catawba Indians create shelter out of trees shaped like poles.They use this because they have a lot of trees around them.This type of shelter is called a Wigwam.
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What does my tribe eat? How do they get it? Why?

The Catawba eats deer, squirrel, rabbits, hickory nuts, fish and corn.They eat this because they hunt and grow different thing.

How is water apart of their lives?

The Catawba tribe use the water to find food.They also use it to water their gardens.In the summer they use the water for the canoes to transport to places across the water.
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What tools does your tribe use? What resources do they use to create them?

The Catawba uses tools like bows,arrows,bowls,spear,and gardens.They use these tool because it help them live.

Describe your tribes community and the different roles.

the catawba tribe has more cores then they do to play.The kids play lacrosse.Also they carry baby on cardboard.
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