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Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Thank You for Visiting Our Classroom at Open House! We are very proud of our work!

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Earth Day!!

This week, we will be celebrating Earth Day with a special walking trip to HMHS to participate in their annual Earth Day festivities! Earth Day is a great way to remind children and adults alike the things that we can do everyday to help our environment. Our mission in 1S - for every student to bring a reuseable water bottle to school for their drink! We will bring our snack and enjoy our snack outdoors. Please pack your child's snack in a brown paper bag on Wednesday, April 22nd. I am in need of 2 or 3 chaperones to join us in walking over to the High School! If you are able to join us, please email me!

Book Review Book Talk

The writers of 1S have been working hard in our opinion writing unit! We began our unit writing about our collections. Next, we moved on to writing our opinion in the form of review writing! We wrote about our favorite movies, video games, and restaurants. Well, we saved the best for last. We concluded our opinion unit writing about BOOKS! We learned how to write a book review! We learned that strong writers include a sneak peek and a rating of their book in addition to writing their opinion and giving reasons. To celebrate all of our hard work during this unit, we had a publishing party!

This week, celebrated with a Snack and Share publishing party! We sat in pairs with a snack and conversation starters, we shared our book reviews and talked about the books that we LOVE! It was a perfect ending to a GREAT unit!

Shapes, Shapes, and More Shapes!

3D shapes, polygons, symmetry! We have been busy in math learning all about geometry! Throughout this unit, we have studied different shapes and their attributes. We learned how you can identify shapes and their characteristics. We also explored symmetry, and we created symmetrical shapes!

In Unit 8, we will be reviewing money, place value concepts, and we will take those concepts one step forward. We will expand our work to to include dollars and hundreds. Also, we will introduce fractions and fraction notation!

3, 2, 1 Liftoff!

Last week, we read about the moon and imagining ourselves as astronauts. We worked on identifying the main idea and supporting details in non-fiction and fiction texts. After reading about astronauts in The Astronaut Handbook, we used character traits to complete our very own astronaut application! We thought about the qualities that an astronaut needs to have. We wrote about why we would make a great astronaut. Only a select few could be chosen for our top secret mission, and the application was a chance for the students to prove that they have what it takes! Jamison told us he would work hard and see if aliens are real. The students of 1S proved that they would be exceptional in space, and any flight crew would be lucky to have them. I am not so sure I would be brave enough to go to space. Have you seen Gravity?

Reminders and Dates

*1S will be taking a walking trip to HMHS on Wednesday, April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day! Please pack your brown paper bag snack! Please let me know if you are able to join us as a chaperone!

* 4/21 - Dine Out for Tatem!

* 4/23 - Take Your Child to Work Day! Please let Mrs. Marino know if you plan on taking your child to work.

* 4/23 - Techzel $$ Due! Help support Tatem Technology!

* 4/25 - Come and join us at The Tatem Fair! It is a great day full of fun!

* One more week to donate your old pair of shoes! Our student council has teamed up with The Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to save dogs and help them find permanent homes.

*5/1 - First Grade Field Trip to the Aquarium! More information to follow!

* Have you searched the hashtag #Tatemtigerpride on twitter? Give it a try and see all of the amazing things happening at Tatem School daily!

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art and Health

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - Library (please return library books this day)

Day 6 - PE

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