Northeastern International Co-op


Overview of Growth of Opportunities in China

2005-2006: 6 students on International co-op in China

2012-2013: 48 students on international co-op in China

•The BSIB program started 5 years ago with 5 students

• Today we send 20-30 BSIB students to China

•The Faculty Lead programs to teach Chinese language runs both Summer 1 and 2 to Beijing, Nanjing (Nanjing University), Kunming (Yunnan University), and Shanghai

•The study abroad partners are:

Beijing: Alliance for Global education, Beijing Institute of Technology, CAPA, IES (Language Intensive),

Shanghai: Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, CIEE

Xi'an: Alliance for Global education

Xiamen: Xiamen University

Zhejian: Zhejiang University

International co-ops in China are broken down into a partial list by industry:

•Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Hotel Management, Architecture, Teaching English, Information Technology, Hospital, US Embassy

Ketty Rosenfeld

Director of the International Cooperative Education Program