Ms. Turner’s Class

2nd Grade ELAR

Week of January 24-28, 2022

Here we are in the last full week of January. This month has flown by. We have been missing some of our people. Hope that everyone is here and feeling better.

Important Dates to Know

January 24th - Progress Reports posted; Day 5 Rotation

January 25th - Day 6 Rotation

January 26th - Day 7 Rotation

January 27th - Day 1 Rotation

January 28th - Friday Assembly; Day 2 Rotation

Announcements & Reminders

  • Please send a water bottle to school with your student.

What We Are Doing This Week


This week we will be reading the book “Flight School”. A couple of weeks ago we read all kinds of facts about penguins. This is a fictional look at penguins. We will be looking at synergizing. (At first I was thinking..., Now I'm thinking..., After reading, I think...) It is a reader's ongoing, ever-changing understanding of a text. We will also be inferencing. (This is taking our prior knowledge, getting clues from the author, and then figuring out what he might be telling us even if it is written in the book.) I know we will have fun reading about a penguin at Flight School.


Lesson 61 - Diagraph ai

Lesson 62 -Diagraph ay

Lesson 63 -c That Sounds Like s

Lesson 64- Sight Words Part 4


We will plan and develop a draft.(personal narrative)

Cursive: Review (writing words with the letters we have learned), n, and m


We will continue to look at conjunctions and how we can use them in our writing to make our sentences better.

Teacher Information

My conference time is from 10:00-10:50. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.