the great city

what we got from rome

We learned a lot from ancient Rome and the buildings that still survive. We have actually modeled how our football stadiums look by what we learned from colosseums in Rome. We also got the idea of swimming pools from public baths. But one of the best things they mastered for us would be aqueducts that could go only one inch down in a mile. Although one of the most useful Roman inventions would be concrete. Yes, that's right, Romans made concrete.

how it started

According to early books and myths, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus who were put in a basket and cast down the Tiber River. Then they were found and taken care of by the she-wolf goddess Lupa until a sheperd found them and raised them. Later the brothers founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C. on a hill but then they argued. Soon Romulus killed Remus in a fight. Another story I have read is that their father Aneas, son of Aphrodite, founded the city and gave it to the sons Romulus and Remus. Soon Rome was destroyed in 476 A.D. when the last emperor Romulus Agustus was slain by a Germanic prince. Which means Rome lasted for 723 years!

general info

The Romans, as most of you know, were the greatest early world power. Their secret, was that they were and extremely disciplined army and were very organized too. They had many legions which were huge infantry forces with more than 8000 warriors in each. There were warriors from different countries like Arabia who wielded their own weapons like bows although they worked just as hard but weren't paid as much. The Romans were also very skilled battle planners. After all the conquering Rome had controlled most of Europe and Asia. here are a few famous leaders of Rome. first is Julius Caesar who most of you already but here's something you may not have known that he was in love with Cleopatra. he also changed the calendar so he would have a month named in his honor for his hard work and leadership to conquer gaul and other countries. he was assassinated by his friends and his last words were "et tu Brutimus et tu" it means and you Brutimus you too? Now Next is the first official emperor Agustus who's real name was Octavian but he was named Agustus for his great accomplishments he avenged Julius Caesar's assassination. He was also the adopted son of Julius Caeser himself. was also the greatest of the emperors. he killed Mark Antony with Cleopatra. then he set a new constitution for the empire and ruled wisely he spent his time making new roads and buildings. last but definitly least is king Nero the only reason he came to rule is because his mother murdured his step father Claudius. Most people think he was insane because it's said that e was singing while he watched his city burn in the great fire of Rome. some say he even started the fire because afterwards he used the cleared land to make a palace.

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life in rome

At it's peak Rome was the greatest civilization of all full of fine homes, workplaces, and even public baths. The countryside was farmed extensively to provide plenty of food and drinks for the public. Most people thought this empire would last forever, but it never did. In the beginning of Rome it was a place for refugees. Soon men outnumbered women so they invited nearby countries over for parties, then stole their women, and forced them to marry the Romans.


There were Roman versions of most of the Greek gods. The more important ones are Jupiter optimus maximus ( Zeus), Mars ultor ( Ares), Pluto (Hades), Juno (Hera), Minerva (athena) and Neptune (Posiodon). Although they were the same gods they had new Roman personalities, ideas and clothing. They were all ready for wars and more powerful than their Greek versions. Most of the peaceful gods were forgotten as the Romans adopted newer gods and stronger gods. They say the she-wolf that took care of Romulus and Remus was called Lupa. Before any battle they would pray to gods to help them. The Romans adopted some pretty weird gods like Janus, god of the doors. One of the myths was about Apollo and cassandra. One day Apollo was going to his temple in delphi when he saw Cassandra who he instantly fell in love with. he made her a deal that he would give her the ability to see the future if she gave him a kiss. she agreed and obtained sight of the future where she saw Apollo helping to destroy her city then she spat on Apollo instead of a kiss. so Apollo cursed Cassandra in rage so no one would eve believe her warnings.

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