Roanoke River Basin

By: Noelia Pacheco


Coastal plain of North Carolina but some of it also runs threw Virginia.
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Major Cities

Front Royal, Washington,Winston Salem, Oxford, Greensboro

Counties located with Roanoke River

Charlotte, Franklin, Montgomery, Bedford, Salem.


The Roanoke River begins in the Blue Ridge mountains of Southeastern Virginia.


Drains in the rich lands of the mountains and piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina.

Total Miles


Overall Size

3,493 Square Miles



Tourist Attractions

Fishing in Kerr Lake, Hiking, Visiting Roanoke Rapids, Star Wildlife Refuge


Common name: White tailed deer

Scientific name: odocolieus virginianus

Common name: Black Bear

scientific name: ursus americanus

Common name: Wild Turkey

Scientific name: Meleagris gallopavo


Common name: bald cypresses

scientific name: taxodium distichum

Common name: rose mallow

scientific name: hibiscos

common name: st. john's wort

scientific name: hypericum perfortum

Water Quality

Have excellent water quality

Water pollution

Part of the river is polluted by storm water runoff and sediment.

Fun Fact

know as the "river of death" to native americans and early settlers because it springs floods claimed so many lives