Fresh Water Pollution

By Nicholas Ryan Tillery

Types of Water Pollution

  • Surface Water Pollution

-Oceans, lakes, rivers; they can be polluted in many ways

  • Oxygen Depleting

-Microorganism's living in the water, they feed on biodegradable substances. When too much bio. sub. is added the microorganisms multiply and use up all the oxygen

  • Ground Water

-Groundwater in the aquifers/wells become polluted

  • Nutrients

-Nutrients get into the wastewater used for plant growth, if too many get in the water it can cause excess weeds and algae

  • Microbiological

- Microorganisms live in the water and harm humans, land animals, and fish

  • Suspended Matter

-Particles that do not mix with the water particles because they are too big

  • Chemical

-Pesticides and other run off items getting into the water

Sources of Water Pollution

  • Pesticides

- They get applied to farm fields, and runoff into the water supply

  • Fertilizers

-Sewage, manure, and chemical fertilizers

  • Mining

-Heavy metals/sulfur compounds get in the water supply

  • Chemical/Industrial Processes

-liquid waste solvents, heavy metals, and radioactive materials get into the groundwater

  • Personal Care Products

-the stuff you flush down the drain can get into your water supply

  • Sewage

-Wastewater is discharged directly into the water system in some countries

  • Air Pollution

-Mercury, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia deposits from air can get in the water

  • Heat

-Increase water temps, and kills off some organisms in the water

  • Global Water Pollution

-Global warming pollutes the water

Effects of Water Pollution

  • The Food Chain is damaged
  • Diseases spread
  • Acid Rain
  • Chemistry of the water is effected
  • Marine food sources are contaminated
  • Water Temps are altered

Solutions of Water Pollution

  • Reduce nutrient and pesticide pollution
  • Reduce sewage pollution
  • Reduce pollution from oil and petroleum liquids
  • Clean up chemical pollution
  • Fight against global warming

Actions to Prevent Water Pollution

  1. Grit removal, screening, grinding, and sedimentation
  2. Entail oxidation of dissolved organic matter by using biologically active sludge
  3. Use advanced biological methods of nitrogen removal, and chemical/physical methods such as granular filtration
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