Conserve Our Water

Millions of gallons of water used daily

Water Usage

California uses more than 20,000 to 46,000 million gallons of water a day. In the US 26.7% of the water is used from toilets and 16.8% is by showers. California uses about water 50% for environmental purposes, 40% agricultural, and 10% urban. California is the top leader in water efficiency and water conservation.

Water Distribution

The reason why water distribution is so important is that people often fail to realize that they can only use 2.5% of earths water. The 2.5 goes down narrower and narrower until their is specific amount of water type that everybody uses. 6.5% of earths water is salt water while 2.5% is freshwater (General). (2.5 freshwater in more detailed version )Surface and other freshwater sources are 1.2 percent of the 2.5 percent, 68.7 percent of the 2.5 percent are glaciers and ice cap. Of the 1.2 of other freshwater sources there are 3.0% in atmosphere, 0.26% in living things, 0.49% in rivers, 2.6 in swamps and marshes, 3.8% soil moisture, 20.9% in lakes, 69% in ground ice and permafrost. Those are the percentage of the water that was in the 2.5% of freshwater. Since almost everything is either salt or ice are not drinkable, usable water comes from freshwater sources like lakes, rivers, and groundwater places. Sometimes people turn saltwater into freshwater by heating it up. Ind the end, their will be three types of water, usable, recycled, and unusable.

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