Tower Reborn

Nate Mack

How Tall?

This new tower from top to bottom is 1,776 feet tall. That is about as tall as 48 school buses! The tower is meant to be this tall because that is also the year our country gained its independence.

Why so many floors?

There is a base from floor 1-19, and directly on top of that are offices from floors 20-63. At about the middle of the tower there is a sky lobby which is located on the 64th floor. on top of the sky lobby there are more offices going from the 65th floor to the 88th floor. Above those offices from floor 89-99 is all mechanical space. From floors 100-102 there is public space, and from floors 103-104 are mechanical.

Whats way up there?

At the very top of the total 104 floors there will be a 408 foot antenna with a rotating beacon.