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October 2021

Farm to School Month!

October is my favorite month...hands down! On a recent trip to the Hudson Valley for the annual Sheep & Wool festival I was pondering the smell of fall. Why is it that the smell of rotting leaves, the quintessential fall scent, is so appealing? Seems a strange thing to look forward to each year.

I like to think its because a part of us appreciates the return of the glorious profusion of summer's foliage to the earth, to nurture and feed (after a deep chilly sleep) the soil for next year's growth. There is something comforting in the knowledge of nature coming to rest, and the predictability of the turning wheel of the year.

While the end of the harvest season draws near, and before the somnolence of winter has us in its grasp, I encourage you to experience all the joys of Niagara County's fall-fresh produce! Pick your own, visit the Lockport Community Farmers Market, or even pop into your favorite grocery store for some nutritious locally grown produce. Don't know what to do with that beautiful squash you picked up? Cook up something delicious by following the links below to a few of our favorite F2S recipes that make use of locally grown produce.

Agriculture, and Agritainment, abound in our region...and if you are not sure where to go for late season picking, check out this helpful website!

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Lockport Community Farmers Market

October 23rd - Last Day of the Outdoor Market

This Saturday is your last chance this season to catch the Lockport Community Farmers Market at its outside location on Canal Street! Starting on Saturday, November 6th, the market will head indoors to 140 South Street where you can still get all your locally grown/made goodies!
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October Harvest of the Month: Apples!

We are so fortunate that we live in Niagara County, one of the top producing apple counties in the second largest apple producing state. Apples are so common here that it would be easy to take them for granted, but here's an interesting apple fact for you: there are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States, and New York State grows more apple varieties than any other state in the country, many of then right here in Niagara County! On top of that, LynOaken Farms, in neighboring Orleans County, has an Heritage Apple Orchard in which they grow over 100 rare and unique apple varieties (including many with unusual names, including those pictured below). LynOaken Farms is providing the apples for October's Harvest of the Month and Taste Test events.

Check Out Some Heritage Apple Varieties Below with Unusual Names!

We Have a New Farm to School Committee Member!

We are so happy to welcome Bree Bacon from McCollum Orchards & Gardens to the F2S Advisory Committee!

As a parent, a farmer, a business owner, and a member of the local agricultural community, Bree brings many perspectives to the work of F2S. We look forward to her involvement with LCSD's F2S program!

October Farm to School Events!

  • Apples for All: Students District-wide are trying a new variety of apple each week!
  • Taste Testing at the High School: Locally made (Tonawanda) Latina Italian Sausage on Costanza rolls with peppers and onions.
  • New York State Thursday: Wardinsky hotdog on a Costanza rolls, LynOaken Farms apples, Upstate Farms milk
  • Tower Gardens: Teachers signed up in September to start another round of growing in the classroom. Check out our F2S website to see the results of last year's Tower Garden growers. We added 2 more Tower Gardens this year! One for each of our LionKIND After School Programs at EB and AMJHS.

Fall Recipes to...Well, Fall For!

What Type of Apple is This?

Ever wonder what variety that mysterious apple at the market or in your fridge actually is? Well the guessing ends here. Answer the questions in the Apple Identifier and the mystery is solved!

The Great Apple Crunch!

Each October schools around the country participate in the Great Apple Crunch! They select a day and time, hand everyone an apple, and everyone takes a bite at the same time...the crunch heard 'round the world! This year, due to safety guidelines, it may not be possible to participate in an universal Apple Crunch but you can find a recipe here for a Healthier Apple Crunch you can make at home (P.S. its gluten free!).
Peachjar & Community Organizations

LCSD works with community organizations to make information about activities and enrichment opportunities available to families. We cooperate with approved community partners by posting eflyers online and distributing them electronically.

Grants and District / Community Programs

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