Technology in the ABLE Classroom

Resources for 21st Century Classrooms

Free, Easy to Use Tools to Enhance Instruction

Join us as we "tour" the web and introduce you to some great resources that will have you feeling "tech savvy" in no time. Before we begin, let's watch Matt's video, that offers some great reasons for integrating technology into our classrooms!

Content Focused Tools

The links below are great resources for enhancing your delivery of content and increasing student interest and comprehension! Spend some time exploring each of them!

Student Interactive Tools

The following tools all students to use their electronic devices in the classroom to increase interest and participation in learning!

Interactive Poster Presentations

These websites offer tools that allow both you and your students to prepare interactive poster presentations with minimal time and effort!

Great Tools for Student Projects

Keep Your Notes Handy!


EVERNOTE is an online tablet that is easy to access, easy to write in, and easy to hold on to. Easily keep your word documents in the cloud where you can choose to share specific files with other individuals and download to any computer or smart device.

A Free Glogster EDU Student Registration for You!

As a Premium Member, I never use all of my student accounts, so I would like to give each of you a student account and then you will be able to create as many glogs as you would like on any topics that you want and share them with your students!

Please copy and past the registration link below into your browser to register:

Please use my Educator Code: 77D83F

Once you have registered, I will put you into the "ABLE Group" class that I created. I hope you have fun creating many different types of glogs for your students!

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