How to Create a Greener Office

An I dont mean color!

Lets Start With Furniture!

Instead of going to Nebraska Furniture Mart and getting new desks and chairs try looking around on the internet for ideas and create new furniture out of old furniture. This makes for great weekend DIY and keeps furniture out of landfills. Also can save you money.

What about Lighting!

Did you know that when you use a regular light bulb the light only uses 5% of the energy it is sucking up? Well its true. And lets face it when you're working in an office those lights stay on for a while. When It come time to replace light bulbs replace them with CFL lights. They Last longer and use way less energy!

Use less Paper!

Think about all the papers you used to print those long essays. That's a lot of paper! When you are ask to type a paper next ask your teacher if you can email or share said paper via Google Doc's. These amazing Technologies can save millions of sheets of paper if more people used them. Also its faster.