American Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

November 12


On November 12, 1983 the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association or AFRMA was founded and is a non-profit international club. The main purpose of AFRMA is to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice. They also educate the public on their positive qualities as companion animals and provide information on their proper care. Competition shows are held several times a year in Southern California. These shows are very similar to cat, rabbit, or dog shows.

We Need to Help These Poor Little Creatures

How could you not support these cute little rats and mice? AFRMA helps these rodents and their owners by teaching the rodents how to do tricks and teaching their owners how to take care of the rodents. Just think, if we were training these animals to be good, then we would diminish the rodent problem because they would no longer get into our food. Also it would be cool to go to a contest were rats and mice compete by doing tricks.
Rat Basketball at Wofford College

By Bo Bittner