Benedict Arnold- Infamous Traitor


Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold Biography and Early Life

Date of Birth: January 14,1741

Date of Death: June 14,1801

His family was upper class. He lived in a strict and religious household. Benedict Arnold was the 2nd of 6 children. Most of his siblings died from Yellow Fever; His sister, Hannah, was the only one of his siblings to make it to adulthood. Benedict went to an alternative school in Canterbury, Connecticut for two years, he would have been there longer, but he was forced to leave school at age 15. His family was fairly wealthy when he was young, but as he got older his father made poor business choices and caused the family great debt.His mother died in 1759 and his father followed her in death two years later.

Role Played In The Revolution

What Benedict Arnold did in the Revolution/What impact did their actions and beliefs have:

Benedict Arnold was a Soldier,General,Tratior. Arnold believed he wouldn't get caught talking to the british by the patriots. Arnold also made secert Negotations with the british.

Important Accomplishments:

What benedict Arnold is Known for/Contributions to the American Revolution,and/or to Society:

Benedict Arnold was involved in mostly legal matters, not tactical warfare. When news of the battles of Lexington and Concord reached Arnold in April of 1775 he marched of at head of a company of Connecticut Militia for Cambridge, Massachusetts where George Washington was gathering an army to fight the British forces. Snow began to fall on December 31st 1775 and a battle ensued; Things went poorly for the Americans. Montgomery fell and Benedict was wounded with a bullet in his leg. Arnold resigned in 1777. He is the most infamous traitor.

Role Played After The war

What Benedict did after the war/lasting legacy

Benedict Arnold moved with his son, Richard, to New Brunswick, Canada. Arnold's Health began to decline in January of 1801. Benedict Arnold died June 14th 1801, at the age of 60. He will be forever known as the most infamous traitor.

Additional Information:

Interesting Facts:

~Despite his great brilliance, Benedict Arnold will be forever know as an American Traitor.

~ Benedict Arnold's name is listed as a synonym for the word "Traitor"

Supplementary Information:

~Benedict Arnold was often in trouble as a child.

~Benedict wasn't planning on becoming a traitor, he was trying to make the British surrender; He trying to help the colonists.

~He was caught exchanging letters with the British General.

~ When his friend John Andre was captured, he feared he was going to get captured and out of cowardice he ran over the British lines.

~Benedict Arnold was found guilty of two charges against him.