Extended Day Program Newsletter

April 11, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you had a great weekend.

We are getting ready to transition into our 3rd and final sport for this school year. Basketball permission slips were distributed at the Site Leader meeting on Friday. Games will begin the week of April 25th, with a continued focus on sportsmanship. Each student who recieves a sportsmanship award during the season will get to play in the Sportsmanship All-Star games on May 20 (Middle School) or May 27 (Elementary School)!

Remember..you are not defined by a job title, but by what you do! Thank you for all you do. I respect and value all your contributions.

It's going to be a great week!

Thank you,


All Staff Meeting & Timesheets Due

Friendly Reminders

All Staff Meeting- Wednesday, April 13: 12pm-1:30pm (Palm Campus in the Media Center- lunch will be provided

Timesheets- April 1-April 12 timesheets are due on Wednesday, April 13. (Please bring to the all staff meeting.)

Kid President-How to Be an Inventor

Interesting video to generate excitment around the topic of STEM.
Kid President - How To Be An Inventor!

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Wednesday, April 13: ALL Staff Meeting/Training 12pm-1:30pm (Palm Campus)

Friday, April 15: Paper TIgers Documentary 6pm-8pm (SDSU)
Tuesday, April 19: Focus on Literacy 9am-12pm (South County Office of Education)
April 21 & April 22: Cooperative Games hosted by LGSD
Wednesday, May 4: STEM Champions Celebration 9am-11am (Qualcomm Headquarters)

*Please send all RSVP's to Anabel and she will register you for the trainings

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 14- San Miguel Photo Voice Culminating Project Presentation
Friday, April 15- Children's Initiative Visit to Mt. Vernon

Extended Day Program Mission

Our mission is to successfully provide a safe, positive environment that will nurture academic achievement and improve school attendance, while promoting health and physical fitness through enrichment and recreational programs for our students.