Anoka Blended 6 February 2018

Welcome ~ Munch and Mingle

SAGA Group Module Processing

1. Please complete the How Am I Doing? form.

2. Process your module work using the activities structured HERE.

Opening ~ Group led

Action Research: Airplanes

Surprisingly you have already been engaging in action research on the sly....You've implemented ideas from our weekends into your classroom and then reflected on it. You've even implemented a strategy based on a concept and collected data on how the implementation went. This friends, is Action research.

1. Check out the Action Research cycle via the image below.

2. Engage in the WHOLE process from start to finish using paper airplanes.

Big picture

Data Collection

Data collection in a classroom can be tricky! Try your hand at a similar experience using The Three Stooges!

Complete the steps to practice data collection:

Follow the handout and directions from your facilitators.

Divide the data collection tasks amongst your group members. (see document)

Watch 10-12 minutes of the Stooges video linked below.

In your tech trio:

1. Analyze your Three Stooges data by following the prompts on the back of page 2.

3. Click this link to perform some data collection over lunch! Make your plan with your group.

Spring Conference Prep

Spring Conference Information

Assessment Round Table

1. We will be dividing into two smaller discussion groups. Please bring your two articles on assessment along with your three provocative questions on note cards.

2. Please review the Round Table Participant Guidelines before we begin.

3. To facilitate our discussion, we will be drawing questions from the basket. Three to four thoughts on the questions will be heard and then we will draw another question.

4. Do your best to stay on topic.


Celebrations, Energizer, Job Groups

Energizer ~ mystery control

APA Training~ Making your ROL Gold Medal Ready!

Make a copy of the APA Gold Medal Ready scorecard to see where your first ROL falls in the medal count! Don't worry--we totally do not expect you to earn gold medals at this point in your APA training. We are simply beginning our APA journey with the end in mind. You will complete this APA process several more times over the next semesters. We are sure to see growth in each of you each time!

Backwards Design stage 2

1. Read your assigned section of Chapter 7: Thinking Like an Assessor.

2. Meet with your number alike group and share out the big ideas from your portion of the chapter.

3. Create a Nearpod presentation that gets other people interacting a little bit with the content you were responsible for.


  • Share the big takeaways
  • Is there a visual that will help others make sense of what you are sharing?
  • What questions can you ask the group to inform our dialogue?
  • How will you leave a 'lasting impression' and help folks remember and connect to this new learning?

Blog Speed Dating

1. Bring up your blog on a device or computer in one tab.

2. Bring up and make a copy of the speed dating comment sheet in another tab.

3. Rotate through as many community member blogs that you can. Fill in a speed dating box for each blog you view.

Now that you've gotten a chance to What is something you saw on someone else's blog that you would like to add or try with your own blog?

Cognitive Coaching~ Blogs

212 degrees-The Extra Degree-motivational video