Technology Tips

Sponsored By Tracy Granger

Technology Tips for Hunters Glen is very beneficial in preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Students in grades K-8 use the program as a guide to instruct them in acquiring and improving technology skills they will use in the real world. consist of curriculum driven activities that provide engaging, self-paced, individualized instruction.

The skill development of helps students develop creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Please encourage your students to log on to at least once a week to complete the Easy Tech lessons. This will help improve Hunter Glen’s CASE indicators as well. If your grade level would like assistance, I can come out and help you with assigning lessons. Here is some information to assist you with logging on and assigning lessons to your students.

Teacher Log Ins:


Password: Teacher@2015 (make sure the "T" is capitalized)

District: Fort Bend ISD

Student Log Ins:

Username: Student ID (lunch number)

Password: 12345

District: Fort Bend ISD