Ever sat down in class, and a teacher hands you a textbook filled with words for you to copy, and you just know that you cant be bothered lifting your sweaty hand after a long hard day and put pen to paper? Or when your teacher is helping you revise for your next test by writing numerous examples on the board, and you also can't be bothered writing all those examples in your book? Well worry no more with the new, unbelievable, fascinating, , out of this world, COPY & PASTE PENC. Yep you read that write. This new product is ideal for anyone who can't be bothered or wants to save time by not writing on a paper, rather just touch the COPY button on the top of the pen, and then touch the PASTE button on the bottom of the pen. This item is great for kids who always complain to teachers about how they can't be bothered copying all that work from the textbook or the whiteboard. This luxurious pen can reach distance up to a whopping 10 METRES in length, by scanning the words with your pen. This is truly an out of this world product made for your satisfaction by the wonderful people at BUZZINA [ Get the new ps4 for only $300, only at BUZZINA] Buzzina has heard how many people over the years have wanted this incredible product, and thought that it was impossible to produce. But now it's all yours for a satisfactory price of just $39.99, [MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE: $50.00] Buzzina have created the COPY & PASTE PEN by using advanced technology into a standard blue pen. This standard pen has been transformed into something magical, amazing, and something all buyers will cherish for the rest of their life. This pen looks incredibly amazing and runs just as fine. It scans as fast as a fat boy running to the pizza shop and pastes perfectly on your paper as fast as a rapid bull. The writing on the page looks magnificent as if you wrote it on the computer and printed it out. All stores around the globe are keen on selling this tremendous product, so make sure to check most stores as they are selling the COPY & PASTE PENCIL. This is only available at participating stores. You'll never have to whinge to your classmate or your colleague to hurry up and finish that sentence as a simple click is all it takes. This is truly great for anyone as it makes life easier for anyone in need. It's even more incredible that it doesn't need batteries, it's truly quite irresistible. For more information on how this works and runs contact your local store or contact Buzzina at 04026785. Remember buy the COPY & PASTE PENCIL and your hand will never be in pain again. They also come in 3 colours, GOLD, MAROON & NAVY BLUE. Also remember that it's only available at most/ participating stores, while stocks last. We are also doing a fundraising program, where every COPY & PASTE PEN bought we'll give half of the price you paid to the UNICEF FOUNDATION. This pen is all for a great cause, not only for UNICEF, but also for yourself.

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