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Take a peek at our upcoming week. September 28, 2015

Progress Reports

Your child was given their progress reports today, Friday Setpember, 25, 2015.

The green progress report is yours to keep, however we just ask you sign the envelope and send it back to school.

If your child brings it back Monday they will receive a Dojo Point!!

Children are the Priority. Change is the Reality. Collaboration is the Strategy.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to our best to respond within 24 hours.

Also, we are updating our Websites daily. Please check them out!


Ms. Crook and Mrs. Neely are in need of Parent Volunteers and Room Parents, to assist with events and classroom needs throughout the year. What is the difference you may ask? Room Parents typically take the lead in organizing class parties and coordinating volunteers/needed items for special events. Parent volunteers may assist on the day of the event(s), if available, or may assist with cutting lamination, or assisting the teacher with needed items, from home.

If you are interested in serving as a Parent Volunteer or Room Parent, please complete the following form and Ms. Crook or Mrs. Neely will be in contact with you.

Upcoming Events

September 29th, Catalog Fundraiser ends

September 29th, AISD Musical presents "Jungle Book" (See Below)


October 6th, College Awareness Day

October 12th, Columbus Day- Student Holiday

October 15th, Save-the Date- Open House

Wilder’s performances of The Jungle Book

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 8:15am

2225 Kingsley Drive

Pearland, TX

The Jungle Book Musical on the 29th during the day is for students only. (parents of students who are in the musical are allowed to come watch the day performance).

There is a public performance on Thursday, October 1st at 6:30pm at Savannah Lakes Elementary.

The Jungle Book

Wilder Performance date: Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1. First show @ 8:15-8:45

a. 5th grade, Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Moulton, Mrs. Bradford; morning Pre-K

2. Second show @ 9:00-9:30

a. 4th grade, Mrs. Grimmett, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Odenweller

3. Third show @ 9:45-10:15

a. 2nd and 3rd grade

4. Fourth show @ 2:15-2:45

a. Mrs. Welker, Mrs. Wizeman, Mrs. Saucedo, Kindergarten; afternoon Pre-K

Catalog Fundraiser

Friday, Sep. 18th, 8:45am to Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 8am

2225 Kingsley Drive

Pearland, TX

Let's make our school proud! The fundraiser ends Tuesday September 29, 2015, The packets are due this day.

Mrs. Neely and have decided and told our students that if every student sells an item that we will have a pizza/or popcorn party!! We have been rewarding students all week with no homework, shoes off, and teacher chair coupons.

Also the fundraiser offers a Reptile Show if the student orders 10 items!

A good idea is to link your fundraiser account to your Facebook or Twitter, and ask friends and family to help out!! The link is

Our School code is 6313.

Please READ!

Mrs. Neely and I wanted to tell you about a behavior tool we are using in our classrooms called Class Dojo. It is a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behaviors, positive and negative. Students get very excited when they are awarded points (it’s on display the entire school day) and one of the best things I’ve noticed is that they root for each other! They are so sweet to each other congratulating others when they receive a positive point.

One of the great features of Class Dojo is that it allows me to send you a “behavior and skills report” every Friday by email. Our hope is that this will bring us closer together, and help you better understand the progress of your student on a week to week basis.

Students are also able to have their own account using a special code so they can customize their monsters avatars on their own!

I know you will be proud to see the great behaviors they are displaying, and in turn, if there is something they need to work on, you will be able to see that as well. At process reports, and report cards students are rewarded for their points they have earned!

Math and Science Focus Wall

Your child has been instructed to practice Multiplication Facts 10-15 minutes nightly! They will have a weekly log for which to log their time and get a parent/guardian’s signature. The first one was completed this week and turned in today. This will continue weekly, until further notice. The log sheet is broken into weeks. They will use the same sheet for an entire month, but they must “turn it in” for grading, each FRIDAY!

Please encourage and remind your child to work in the “Think Through Math” and/or “Big Brainz” programs, 20-30 minutes a night. Any time spent in these programs will make a HUGE difference and improvement in your child’s math problem solving skills!!

Ear Buds

Ear Buds:

As we progress through the year, there are many times we will use school laptops and/or personal devices in our classroom. However, I do not have access to a class set of headphones. I am asking for your assistance in purchasing an inexpensive set of ear buds or headphones for your child to keep in his/her backpack. By leaving them in the backpack, we can ensure they will be handy whenever they may be needed. I believe Dollar Tree even sells ear buds. J

ELAR Focus Wall


Target Skill: Character Analysis, Story Elements of Realistic Fiction and Historical Fiction

- Students are expected to describe the interaction of characters including their relationships and the changes they undergo.


-Subject/Verb Agreement

Students are also given a Grammar Homework sheet every Monday that will be due every Friday. This goes along with the mentor sentence we are working on it class.

Next week our mentor sentence will come from the book I Need My Monster.

Word Study

- New words will be words ending in -y


Target Skill: Personal Narrative via Kernal Essay.


- Leads

- Transitions

Student's are expected to use and understand the different parts of the writing process.

Big image

Last Chance to Order Scholastic Books this month!!

As the month comes to an end I have to submit our class book orders!! Please use the link and the following code to purchase books for your students!

Shop Online:

One-Time Class Activation Code: NDRRV

Please remember to place your Reading Club orders by September 29!

You can shop and submit your order online or send the printed order form with payment directly to me. No matter how you order, every purchase you make earns FREE Books and educational supplies for our classroom.

The arrival of the book box is always a highlight-thanks for making it happen!

Happy Reading

Texas History

Regions of Texas

Are you still reading?

If you have read the entire news letter have your child write the answer to this riddle on a sticky note, and turn it into the teacher Monday morning for a Wild Buck!

In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!
What color were the stairs?


Wilder Elementary

Hours of Operation:

Doors open: 7:15am

Breakfast: 7:15am-7:50am

Instructional Hours: 8am-3:25pm

Dimissal begins: 3:25pm