action plan!

D stands for DANGER

Make sure the area is safe for you, other and the patient.

R stands for RESPONSE

Check if the patient can responed if you ask them their name or if you squeeze their shoulders

If there is no response...........

S stands for SEND FOR HELP

Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance or ask some one around you to call.

A stands for AIRWAY

Open the patients mouth if there is something blocking the air way place them in a recovery position and clear air way with fingers.

Open air way by tilting head with chin lift.

B stands for BREATHING

Check for breathing (Look, Listen, Feel)

Not normal breathing:

Monitor breathing

Manage injuries

Treat for shock


C stands for CPR

For CPR you need to do 30 chest compressions. Sing 'Row Row Row Your Boat' twice or until help arrives. If needed 2 breaths.


Apply defibrillator if available and follow voice prompts.