Important Graduation Information

Check Your REAL Mailboxes!!

Dance Invitations and Graduation Tickets Mailed Out Today!!

Parents-- Our committee mailed the dance invitation, 6 graduation tickets per graduate, and a letter from Mrs. Campeau that gives information regarding graduation. You should receive this mailing Saturday or Monday.

Please RSVP to the dance if your child is NOT attending. The RSVP information is on the invitation.

A few notes about GRADUATION TICKETS....

1. The tickets are numbered. The numbers mean NOTHING! It's just how the paper came. There is no assigned seating at graduation.

2. Each graduate is issued 6 tickets. Mrs. Campeau has expressed that no extra tickets will be printed. If you want extras, talk to your friends or neighbors and see if they can spare any. I am selling one for $300 if anyone is interested! HA!

Graduation Dance- June 11th!

I believe that all of the necessary information is included in the mailing, but if you have questions, let me know.

Please remind your children to EAT at the dance! We'll have a DJ and a Photo booth; I hope they all plan to attend and have a fabulous time at their last social event of middle school.


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