Come to Our Fun Run for Guide Dogs

By: The Sticky Bear Skwadd

Support Guide Dogs Today!

Supporting guide dogs is a great way to give back to people with visual issues. Helping these people out is a great way to help them get back on their feet by supplying them with a fluffy companion to help them get back to doing what they want to do.

What is a Guide Dog?

A guide dog is a dog trained to lead a blind person. As you can see, we at Guide Dogs of America believe that all blind people deserve to have a guide dog by their side. If these people can't have the luxury of sight don't you think they deserve our sympathy?

What is Guide Dogs of America?

Guide Dogs of America is a nonprofit organization supported by individuals, foundations, corporations, and other generous organizations where all proceeds go towards guide dogs. Dedicated towards providing guide dogs and instruction in their use, GDA depends on the dedication of volunteers to help these poor blind people get back on their feet and resume their lives.
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Our Fundraiser

Now that you know about guide dogs, we would like to present our idea for a fundraiser to you. We would like to have a family fun run whereas all entry fee earnings will go to Guide Dogs of America. People would volunteer at water stations and booths to occupy runners before the race. All other details about our family fun run are to be determined.
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Why You Should Support Blind People

These people are in need just like many people they have a disability and can not do things we can do. If you were blind wouldn't you want to have a companion at your side. Unfortunately, guide dogs are very expensive and many people don't have $42,000 lying around to buy a trained guide dog. You were created with good eyesight and you don't understand what it is like, but if you couldn't even see your own parents wouldn't you want help? Don't you feel compelled to help these people who aren't as fortunate as you are?

Why We Need Your Help

The only thing we would need ISMS to do is advertise and use the things that we already have to help set up this 5k family fun run. Without you we can't make this happen. Help us make a difference in these poor people's lives.