Charlotte's Web

Discuss drama at home with your elementary student!

What is a Drama?

A drama (or play) is a special kind of fiction story. It is a story that people perform on a stage or in front of a camera. Sometimes a drama is called a play. Some Wiregrass students were able to (or will) experience the play Charlotte's Web. Use the terms below to discuss (and reinforce) their appreciation and understanding of drama.

Drama Terms

Act - A main section of a drama's action

Cast of Characters - The characters in a drama

Character - A person or animal in a story or play

Drama or Play - A story meant to be performed by actors

Dialogue - The words spoken by a character

Scene - A section of an act

Setting - The location in which a play is set and how it is described

Stage Directions - Tell characters how to act or speak their lines or about the setting, props and lighting

Parent Connection

If your child was lucky enough to attend the Wallace Community College production of Charlotte's Web this week, you have a great opportunity as a parent to help reinforce some key literary terms for your child. -- Just have a conversation about the play and integrate questions/discussions regarding the drama terms above. All of these terms are part of the English Language Arts standards for Alabama-- so you are making a direct connection to the classroom for your child!