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February 2021

Are Your Documents Accessible for All Learners?

Just like text or fonts that are easier for us to read, our students experience the same. Is the font you are using for your projects or documents 'readable' (accessibility) for all students? Did you know that the Comic Sans font is one of the fonts recommended for dyslexic students? As you are creating documents or projects, please take into account the font or fonts you are using to ensure your choice is a font that is widely acceptable. Here is a great article about fonts and typefaces as it relates to readability.

Secondly, have you used the Check Accessiblity feature available in most Microsoft products. The Accessiblity Checker will review your document and make suggestion (and walk you through) making the document accessible for a wider audience - especially those students with a disability. Here is a brief tutorial on how to use the Accessiblity Checker in Word (which is a very similar process in other Microsoft products).

Archive or Restore a Team

Archive or restore a team

Archive a team when it’s no longer active, but you want to keep it around for reference or to reactivate in the future. The conversations and files in the team become read-only once you archive it. You’ll still be able to search through it for stuff you need—you can even keep it as a favorite. Only team owners can archive and restore teams.

Archive a team

  1. Select Teams on the left to see the list of your teams.

  1. At the bottom of the list, select Manage .

  1. In the Active list, find the name of the team you want to archive, then select More options > Archive team.

  1. To prevent people from editing the content in the SharePoint site and Wiki tab associated with the team, select Make the SharePoint site read-only for team members. (Teams owners will still be able to edit this content.)

To view and search through the content of the archived team, click its name in the Archived list. Or, make it a favorite if you think you’ll refer to it often (in the list, select the team, then More options > Favorite).

All of the team activity is frozen once the team is archived. No one will be able to start new conversations or reply to posts in a channel, add or remove channels, edit team settings, or add apps. As a team owner, you’ll still be able to add or remove members, update roles, and delete, renew, or restore an archived team.

Restore a team

  • To restore an archived team, follow steps 1 and 2 above. Then, in the Archived list, find the name of the team you want to archive, and select More options > Restore team.

Eight new features in Teams & Outlook Integration!

Check this out to experience the seamless integration between Outlook and Teams!

How to Create a Virtual Bitmoji Classroom in PowerPoint

Instructions for PowerPoint and Google Slides is included - you would follow the PowerPoint instructions.

Embed Microsoft Forms into PowerPoint

Did you know you can embed a Microsoft Form in a PowerPoint? Under the Insert menu, click on the Forms button. A list of your Forms will show in a column on the right for you to choose from. If you provide the PowerPoint to students, they can complete the Form from within the PowerPoint.

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