Being lead to a better future

The new Dictator ship

The Army and Wealthy had the power to start off but the guerrillas quickly became powerful by gaining a quick 60 MSU and then combing with the government to make the G.G.G. In the end a great leader came out on top from the Army and Wealthy thanks to the U.S.A.

I've got the power!

The balance of power went back and forth from the Army and wealthy and the Guerrillas. The Guerrillas cashed in the takeover card but with the help of the U.S. the Army and Wealthy were able to take action just like what happens in the real world when the U.S. get involved. The shifting of power has happened in the real world, like with Germany at one time being a major world power in the mid 1900's. Or the African resistance to colonial rule in the late !800's.

The Leaders of Guuatemala

Guatemala is in better hands now

The U.S. help

I've stated before that the U.S. played a huge part in this game. Without there help i would not have become president. They made it possible for craig and I to rule. The U.S. has done this in many other cases as well in the real life and they have also gone in different directions by leaving the situation completely alone. When a more powerful person/country comes in you do what they say because of the power they have like when my mom tells me to do something i have to because she has more power than me but i can choose to revolt but ill end up loosing just like in real countries.

Cooperation to rule

Cooperation was key in our battle because with out the U.S. i would have never became president of Guatemala. in world war II Henry Tizard arranged to transfer UK military technology to the US in case of the successful invasion of the UK that Hitler was planning in 1940's and thats a for of cooperation that could have been a big part of war. cooperation is an everyday thing just like when i play football because if there's no cooperation there's no way my teams winning the game.

When Power Shifts

When power shifts in a country it can have positive and negative effects to that country depending on what you believe in for that country. If i want a new president and someone else wants the same president and a new president gets elected im going to be happy but it would cause conflict because someone else does not. Everytime power shifts there will be good and bad period. there is no way around it.

My Relationship

In my life cooperation is key because my family has a lot of different views on a lot of different things. If we dont cooperate nothing gets done and nothing gets done which is not good at all when you have a big family. There is a lot of conflict too but we find solutions to the problem. My football team is the same way, there is a lot of cooperation but when we dont cooperate we dont do good and we have conflict and loose the game. Conflict can wreck a relationship which is horible. I try to cooperate whenever i can to avoid this problem.

SNAP! - The Power